Importing RSS Feeds the Easy Way

WP RSS Aggregator lets you create a feed reader/aggregator on your WordPress site.

The core plugin provides simple and useful features but if you are serious about your feeds, you definitely would want to check out our add-ons.

Here’s the complete list of add-ons currently available for WP RSS Aggregator:

  • Feed to Post – an advanced importer that lets you import RSS feeds into posts or custom post types. Populate a website in minutes (autoblog). This is the most popular extension.
  • Keyword Filtering – filter imported feeds based on keywords, so you only get items you’re interested in.
  • Excerpts & Thumbnails – display excerpts and thumbnails together with the title, date and source.
  • Categories – categorise your feed sources and display items from a particular category at will within your site.
  • WordAi – WordAi allows users to take an RSS feed and turn it into new content that is both completely unique and completely readable.
  • Full Text RSS Feeds – connectivity to our Full Text Premium service, which gives you unlimited feed items returned per feed source.

You can also check out the special bundles:

Core Plugin

The core WP RSS Aggregator plugin is available for free from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

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