Importing RSS Feeds the Easy Way

WP RSS Aggregator lets you create a feed reader/aggregator on your WordPress site.

You can get our core plugin for free in the WordPress plugin repository. If you’re serious about your RSS feeds, our add-ons will supercharge your site!

Check them out and make you sure you have a look at our extensive demos too.

Our most popular bundles provide the best bang for your buck:

Here’s the complete list of add-ons currently available for WP RSS Aggregator:

  • Feed to Post – an advanced importer that lets you import RSS feeds into posts or custom post types. Populate a website in minutes (autoblog). This is the most popular extension.
  • Keyword Filtering – filter imported feeds based on keywords, so you only get items you’re interested in.
  • Excerpts & Thumbnails – display excerpts and thumbnails together with the title, date and source.
  • Categories – categorise your feed sources and display items from a particular category at will within your site.
  • WordAi – WordAi allows users to take an RSS feed and turn it into new content that is both completely unique and completely readable.
  • Full Text RSS Feeds – connectivity to our Full Text Premium service, which gives you unlimited feed items returned per feed source.

Core Plugin

The core WP RSS Aggregator plugin is available for free from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

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