This is a bundle of the add-ons we recommend you use to build anything custom with imported feeds. Ideal in cases where you want to build an entire site that…

Allows you to import feed items into posts or any other custom post type that you have created. Takes WP RSS Aggregator to a whole new level of flexibility.

This is a bundle of some of the add-ons used to create a simple and attractive feed display. All together, the extensions are valued at $50, but you can get…

Import feeds that contain specific keywords in either the title or their content. Control what gets imported to your blog. You can use keywords, keyphrases and categories.

Adds the ability to display thumbnails and excerpts. Perfect for adding some life and color to your feed item display. For more flexibility Feed to Post is a better option.

Assign categories to your feed sources. Then display a particular category or multiple categories on a post or page via shortcodes.

WordAi allows users to take an RSS feed and turn it into new content that is both completely unique and completely readable.

Prices listed are for one year of support and updates. When renewing a license you get a discount of 30% off.