The Core WP RSS Aggregator plugin is free to download from the WordPress plugin repository. View all its features here, or add more value with premium add-ons.

This plugin works on self-hosted versions of WordPress ( and is not compatible with the hosted version of WordPress ( Click here if you’re not sure about the difference between and

Great Features, Simple Setup

  • Quickly add as many feed sources as you need.
  • Automatically aggregate or curate content for your site.
  • Filter the content being imported via keywords, phrases or tags.
  • Easily display listings using the shortcode and its parameters.
  • Import the full content from RSS feeds that only provide excerpts.
  • Stagger feed imports to improve performance.

Click here to view the full list of features.

Import Content From Any RSS Feed

Blogs, News Websites & Google Alerts

Social Media, Youtube & Other Sources

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Community, Event & Personal Websites

...and many more. If it has a valid RSS feed, WP RSS Aggregator can work its magic.

Aggregate / Curate Relevant Content

Build your own WordPress site on the power of WP RSS Aggregator and its premium add-ons.

Use WP RSS Aggregator and its add-ons to aggregate and filter the latest articles from different sources.

Below are a few examples of WP RSS Aggregator being successfully used with its Feed to Post add-on.

Easily Display Feed Item Listings

Enhance your site with the latest content from multiple sources displayed in simple, stylish lists using our shortcodes.

Curate your own work, add a "Latest News" section, or add related content that your viewers will enjoy reading.

Below are a few examples of WP RSS Aggregator in use with its shortcode system.

Add Value with Premium Add-ons

Feed to Post

Import feed items from multiple sources as WordPress Posts or any other Custom Post Type of your choice, and display them anywhere that your theme allows.

Excerpts & Thumbnails

Display thumbnail images and excerpts from your RSS feeds alongside the feed item's title to inject some life & color into your feed display (using the shortcode).

Keyword Filtering

This add-on is used to filter the content being imported based on keywords, key phrases, or tags of your choice. It can be used alone or with any other add-on.

Advanced Feeds Bundle

Import feed items into Posts or any other Custom Post Type. The ideal bundle to build an entire site that pulls in full or partial posts from other sources, or if you want to upgrade from your simple feed item display. The perfect solution for a content aggregation or curation website.

Simple Feeds Bundle

A bundle aimed at sprucing up your feed item display through the addition of thumbnail images, excerpts, categorisation of feed sources as well as filtering options. The ideal mix of add-ons to give some life to your WordPress site's feed display.

Over 565,000 all-time downloads and 40,000+ active users


Whether you want to display a list of news items, recent blog posts, or job listings from a number of sources all in one place on your site, this is the plugin for you.


RSS feeds are a powerful tool which can be used to curate and aggregate content for niche audiences and create community websites.


If you’re looking to incorporate RSS feeds into your site, WP RSS Aggregator can certainly get the job done and I feel confident recommending it.

Best RSS Aggregator for WordPress
This plugin not only works well, it's also very intelligent. One of my favorite features is its [...]ability to automatically make the canonical point back to the original source of content. I also appreciate its ability to pull in the full article when it's not available via the feed, and the blacklist feature. I highly recommend this plugin and I look forward to new features. Read more »
January 17, 2017
Great support
A plugin that works beautifully, and greatly supported when trouble comes.
January 16, 2017
Recommendable product with excellent support
A very good plugin (call it "essential") for professional RSS importing, processing and displaying. [...]Good documentation is provided at the homepage, the online support is assisting 24/7 answering even to the most stupid questions ;-). Highly recommendable also the plugins, allowing a professional source and data handling. Despite only running my own little photo-blog, I would purchase the package a second time. Read more »
January 16, 2017
Jim Reekes (reekes)
Jim Reekes (reekes)
I can't say enough about this plugin. I've been using it for a few months. The flexibility and [...]configuration options are amazing. I've been able to highly customize the feeds into my own custom post. Read more »
January 3, 2017
Mike Smith (daledubilowski)
Mike Smith (daledubilowski)
Helped to Transfer Content from a 3rd Party CMS
Helped to transfer content from a 3rd party CMS that was holding our content hostage! The provider [...]was not very cooperative so we had to bend WP RSS Aggregator to it's limits to pull content & (broken) images from an old feed on a staging server but it got the job done! Lot's of features. Highly recommended! Read more »
December 20, 2016
Fantastic support, great plugin
I had an issue with the IP assigned by my shared hosting being blacklisted. [...] The good people at WP-RSS helped me troubleshoot the problem - offering solutions and even creating a test-site for me to help determine the cause of the problem. After many hours on the phone with my host provider, it turned out that the IP address in question belonged to a tier-2 node on the edge network. So, in short the problem was not my WP site, or the WP-RSS plugin's. I am grateful for the patience and thoroughness of the tech team at WP-RSS. The plugin is awesome, but the people behind it are the real stars. Read more »
December 19, 2016