FeedWordPress was one of the most popular RSS feed import plugins in the past, however sadly its rate of development has slowed down drastically. More and more ex-FeedWordPress users are moving over towards having their sites powered by WP RSS Aggregator and the Feed to Post add-on.

Are you a current FeedWordPress user? Let us know if you have any questions about migrating to WP RSS Aggregator. Since we’re noticing more and more people make the switch we want to make it as painless a process as possible, and if we there is enough interest we could also build an export/import tool to help with the migration.

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  1. is there a rss wordpress plugin for migration?

    • What do you mean exactly? If you mean exporting from sites powered by other CMSs into ones powered by WordPress then yes you can use WP RSS Aggregator with Feed to Post for that.

  2. Feedwordpress is still actively maintained, and always has been. Telling people “its development has been discontinued” is pretty bad form.

    • You are right, I have amended the post. At the time of publishing FeedWordPress had not been updated for over a year, which is why we had referred to as being discontinued.


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