Import as Feed Items and display using the shortcode.

Import as Posts or any other custom post type, then display using the theme.

Import the full content for RSS feeds that only provide short excerpts.

Limit the number of items stored on your site based on a set number or an age limit.

Import posts with unique titles only to further prevent post duplication.

Schedule feed imports and set general or individual update intervals.

Set a word limit on the post content being imported and displayed on your site.

Assign categories to feed sources, to then display selected feed sources' items.

Assign categories to imported posts; either your own or import those in the RSS feeds.

Filter the items being imported based on keywords, phrases or tags of your choice.

Blacklist feed items to never have them imported onto your site again.

Style the shortcode display using the plugin settings or CSS options.

Use your theme's styling to display the imported posts in your site's blog.

Import and/or export feed sources.

Multisite and WPML compatibility.

Premium support and extensive documentation.

Free demo site to test out all the bundle's add-ons together.