We’re happy to announce a new feature we’ve implemented on our site: the ability for customers to upgrade their licenses without manual intervention from support staff.

License Upgrades

One of the most frequent support tickets we get is that for upgrading license keys from one level to the next. So far it’s been a cumbersome process that involved support staff going in and upgrading the payment with the customer sending over a payment through PayPal. Definitely not ideal.

Today I’m thrilled to announce that license upgrades can now be done through your account.

The screenshots below illustrate how you can upgrade your license keys.

Step 1: Click on the View Licenses link


Step 2: Click the View Upgrades link.

View upgrades

Step 3: Choose Upgrade as needed and click Upgrade License.

choose upgrade

You will then be taken to the checkout screen where you can enter any remaining details needed and checkout via PayPal.


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