To make it easier and cheaper for you to get access to the best add-ons for your scenario, we’ve created two new extension bundles:

These are the actual add-on configurations that are most popular, depending on what you want to build. For lack of better names for these bundles, we decided to name them according to the typical usage. Thus the Simple Feeds Bundle lets you build a straightforward feed display that can be inserted into a page or post via a shortcode.

On the other hand the Advanced Feeds Bundle is the one you need if you want to build something totally custom with your feeds. In this case you won’t be needing the shortcode (in fact we disable it automatically), since the imported feed items will be inserted as posts or custom post types, leaving their display up to the theme. You can thus get really creative there. Combined with Appresser you could also create a mobile app based on feeds if you wished!

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