Import RSS Feeds as Posts

Feed to Post

Elevate your WordPress site into a dynamic content hub. Aggregate, curate, or autoblog unlimited RSS feeds within minutes.

Automate your Content Strategy

With WP RSS Aggregator, your website is consistently keeping itself updated with great content, all of the time, effortlessly.

Boost Your SEO Efforts

WP RSS Aggregator keeps your site updated and helps improve your search engine optimization. By consistently publishing high-quality, relevant content, you signal to search engines that your site is active and valuable.

Become an Industry Leader

Position yourself as an authority in your field by curating the most current and relevant content. Feed to Post enables you to import articles that resonate with your audience, establishing you as a go-to resource.

Save Time and Resources

Manual content curation is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Feed to Post automates this process, freeing you up to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Build Credibility and Trust

Since WP RSS Aggregator enables you to filter and curate content the way you want it, you can make sure your site is publishing only the very best content, improving your reputation.

See how it works

Step 1: Pick reliable sources

Add as many RSS feeds and sources as you need for your site. Set where you want the content to be imported, be it posts or a custom post type. Import everything or set custom limits.

Step 2: Set your rules

Easily add rules to attribute the content appropriately, add or remove the right media files, categorize and tag the posts, and much more. All the options are built right into the plugin.

Step 3: Let the content roll in

Once you’re happy with the sources and their rules, set WP RSS Aggregator free to automatically start importing fresh content into your blog consistently.

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Real-World Applications and Benefits

Bristol Today

News Aggregators

Become the ultimate source for all things newsworthy in your niche.

Beyond Security

Educational Platforms

Create a comprehensive learning hub filled with articles, tutorials, theses, and more.

Personal Finance Blogs

Email Newsletters

Find and import amazing content to share with your audience through newsletters.

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I’m using WP RSS Aggregator as the core of my business model. There was no alternative for me to consider!
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WP RSS Aggregator does everything we asked for and the support was really helpful to get us up and running.
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This is probably the best RSS feed plugin out there and comes with amazing support. Thanks so much guys!
Ross Merritt
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I’ve tried many solutions to capture and display RSS feed results for my site, WP RSS Aggregator is the best one I’ve found.
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I have never had a single issue with it working the way it should. I would be lost without it and my website would cease to function!

Frequently asked questions

Aggregation with Feed to Post involves automatically pulling in articles, blog posts, and other content from various sources based on predefined criteria. It’s like casting a wide net to collect fish from the sea. Curation, on the other hand, is more selective. Feed to Post allows you to handpick or filter the content that gets published on your site. It’s like a chef carefully selecting the best fish from the catch for a gourmet meal.
Feed to Post is designed to be SEO-friendly. It’s important to be cautious about duplicate content, which is why WP RSS Aggregator offers features to help you modify the imported content, making it unique and crediting the original sources.
The number of posts you can import and store largely depends on your hosting plan and the capabilities of your website. Feed to Post itself does not impose a hard limit. It’s like having a bookshelf; the more robust it is, the more books it can hold.
Yes, Feed to Post allows you to customize the imported content white it’s still in draft mode, before it gets published. You can add your insights, modify titles, and even integrate keywords to make the content more aligned with your brand and SEO strategy.
When posting others’ content on your website, it’s crucial to respect copyright laws and obtain permission from the original content creators whenever possible. Feed to Post enables you to curate and aggregate content, but it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re not infringing on anyone’s intellectual property. It’s akin to quoting someone in a book; you need their permission and must give proper credit.
Crediting the original source is not only ethical but is often required to comply with copyright laws. Feed to Post allows you to automatically append a credit line and a link back to the original source, making the process easier. It’s like citing sources in a research paper; it adds credibility and respects the original author’s work.
Yes, you can enable an option to set post titles to link directly to the original source. This can be particularly useful if you want to drive traffic to the original content creators as a sign of goodwill or to comply with content sharing agreements.
Absolutely, WP RSS Aggregator combined with Feed to Post provides a robust solution for building a complete news aggregator website. From pulling in content from multiple sources to customizing and publishing it, these tools offer a comprehensive package.