The Feed to Post add-on gives you the abil­i­ty to import feed items and store them as Word­Press Posts, or any oth­er cus­tom post type that you have cre­at­ed using a third-par­ty plug­in or the­me.

It comes with a num­ber of cus­tomiza­tion fea­tures, and also includes the abil­i­ty to import full con­tent* from RSS feeds that only provide a short excerpt (lim­it­ed to the free ser­vices when not using our pre­mi­um Full Text RSS Feeds ser­vice along with Feed to Post).

Our Feed to Post add-on is the per­fect tool for you if you want your site to be auto­mat­i­cal­ly pop­u­lat­ed with con­tent from oth­er sources.

Just take a look at what’s pos­si­ble using a good the­me and our Feed to Post add-on by check­ing out our own demon­stra­tion web­sites.

IMPORTANT: The WP RSS Aggre­ga­tor short­code is no longer used when using the Feed to Post add-on and import­ing as Posts or any oth­er Cus­tom Post Type.

Demo Site

Take Feed to Post on a test dri­ve to see its true pow­er. If you need any help in get­ting things up and run­ning or imple­ment­ing a cer­tain fea­ture just hit us up via a pre-sales sup­port tick­et.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that the demo site is for the full Advanced Feeds Bundle, mean­ing it also makes use of the Full-Text RSS Feeds and Key­word Fil­ter­ing add-ons. In order to test the Feed to Post add-on only, you must change the gen­er­al full-text ser­vice to Free Ser­vices.


  • Import feed items into Posts or any oth­er Cus­tom Post Type
  • Sched­ule and stag­ger feed imports — Learn more
  • Auto­mat­i­cal­ly import and set a fea­tured image — Learn more
  • Set post sta­tus (Pub­lished, Draft, etc) — Learn more
  • Set post for­mat (Stan­dard, Video, etc) — Learn more
  • Cus­tom link back to the orig­i­nal source — Learn more
  • Set out­go­ing links as no-fol­low
  • Embed­ding of videos in feeds
  • Force full text import(*) for feed sources that provide excerpts — Learn more
  • Auto­mat­ic cre­at­ing and set­ting of cat­e­gories and tags — Learn more
  • Auto­mat­ic cre­ation and set­ting of authors — Learn more
  • Lim­it or Trim the words in the con­tent or excerpt — Learn more
  • Prepend/Append text or images to the con­tent — Learn more
  • Import videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc
  • Import embed­ded con­tent from the orig­i­nal source
  • Remove unwant­ed ele­ments from import­ed con­tent — Learn more
  • Import data from any RSS tags into post meta fields — Learn more
  • WPML com­pat­i­ble
  • Mul­ti­site com­pat­i­ble

What can I do with Feed to Post?

  • Cre­ate an auto blog­ging web­site
  • Cre­ate a Lat­est News web­site
  • Set up a news aggre­ga­tor on your exist­ing web­site
  • Cre­ate a job list­ings page on your busi­ness’ web­site
  • Import the lat­est arti­cles from your busi­ness’ sub-site to the main site
  • Export your posts from an old web­site to a new one
  • Check out our Use Cas­es for more great ideas!

What can’t I do with Feed to Post?

  • Con­trol the dis­play of the import­ed posts on your site. This is com­plete­ly depen­dant on your the­me and any oth­er tem­plate builders you may be using.
  • Import the full con­tent of more than 5 posts from feed sources that only provide an excerpt with­in their RSS feed. If you need that, you can use Full-Text RSS Feeds add-on in addi­tion to Feed to Post.
  • Import images from feed sources that don’t provide any with­in their RSS feed.
  • Fil­ter the posts being import­ed on the basis of key­words or tags. For this, you will need to use the Key­word Fil­ter­ing add-on in addi­tion to Feed to Post.


While using Feed to Post, the fol­low­ing add-ons can only be used when the Lega­cy Feed Items set­ting is checked:

This means that once you have installed Feed to Post, the short­code sys­tem will only work if you use this set­ting, which dis­ables the Feed to Post func­tion­al­i­ty for the select­ed sources. This means that one feed source can­not import the same items as both Feed Items and Posts at the same time.

When using Feed to Post you have com­plete free­dom to dis­play the import­ed con­tent in any way you wish using your the­me, or using any tem­plate builder. WP RSS Aggre­ga­tor does not con­trol any of the dis­play options when using Feed to Post.

When using this add-on, the set­ting of cat­e­gories is han­dled in the Tax­onomies sec­tion, while the import­ing of images can be con­trolled from the Images sec­tion. Nei­ther fea­ture requires any oth­er add-ons to func­tion.

Once you install Feed to Post, any pre­vi­ous­ly import­ed feed items will be delet­ed by the plug­in. If you’re still unsure whether this is the add-on you require, please read our ded­i­cat­ed post on choos­ing the right add-ons for your use-case or con­tact our sup­port team via a pre-sales tick­et.


Purchase Feed to Post

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