Import the Full Content from any Source

Full Text RSS Feeds

Transform your WordPress site into a full-fledged content powerhouse. Effortlessly turn excerpt-only web feeds into full text RSS feeds.

Unlock Rich Content

Don’t settle for just excerpts. WP RSS Aggregator allows you to import entire articles, enriching your site with the full content thanks to the built-in Full Text RSS Feeds functionality.

Enhance User Experience

By providing complete articles, you offer your visitors a one-stop content experience, reducing the need to click through to external sites while still attributing the original source.

Streamline Your Workflow

Eliminate the need for manual copy-pasting or editing content across sites. Full Text RSS Feeds automates the import of full articles, letting you focus on what truly matters.

Ensure Content Integrity

Import entire articles with WP RSS Aggregator, including their original formatting and media. This ensures that the content you present is as the original author intended.

Comprehensive Content Library

By importing full articles, you can build a robust content library that serves as a valuable resource for your audience.

See how it works

Step 1: Add Your Sources

Select the source websites and RSS feeds in WP RSS Aggregator, whether they provide excerpts only or the full content.

Step 2: Customize Your Parameters

Adjust the settings to import full articles, including images and other media, by enabling the Full Text RSS Feeds option.

Step 3: Publish With Confidence

Publish automatically or review the imported articles in draft mode, making any necessary adjustments before publishing.

in action

Real-World Applications and Benefits

Care Advertising

Research Portals

Create a centralized hub for academic papers and articles.

Crypto Headlines

Corporate Blogs

Keep your audience updated with industry news and trends.

Linux Foundation

Community Forums

Provide a constant stream of relevant, full-text articles to engage your community.

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I’m using WP RSS Aggregator as the core of my business model. There was no alternative for me to consider!
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WP RSS Aggregator does everything we asked for and the support was really helpful to get us up and running.
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This is probably the best RSS feed plugin out there and comes with amazing support. Thanks so much guys!
Ross Merritt
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I’ve tried many solutions to capture and display RSS feed results for my site, WP RSS Aggregator is the best one I’ve found.
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I have never had a single issue with it working the way it should. I would be lost without it and my website would cease to function!

Frequently asked questions

A full-text RSS feed is just like a conventional web feed, but it comes with complete articles embedded in it. This differs from the basic RSS format which often has only a partial or truncated feed that merely provides links to articles. In a full-text feed, you get the entire content of the featured articles right within the RSS feed.
Yes, always check the source website’s terms in respect to curating and sharing their content. Abide by copyright laws and obtain permission when necessary. It’s like reaching out to an artist before displaying their artwork in your gallery.
Absolutely, you can import the full content as a draft and edit it to align with your brand and SEO strategy. It’s actually recommended to do so since you can add more value with your own commentary on each piece of content.
Yes, Full Text RSS Feeds is designed to be SEO-friendly with canonical links and attribution built right into WP RSS Aggregator. It’s also worth putting in some extra effort to avoid duplicate content by adding your unique insights or summary.
In most cases, yes. There are exceptions where the structure of the original source’s website is not up to standard, which may cause some content to be missed, but we update WP RSS Aggregator from time to time in order to account for these one-off cases.
Yes, if you’re not a technical person, there’s nothing to worry about. Setting up and using this feature is straightforward, especially if you’re already familiar with the Aggregator plugin. All it does is introduce a “Force Full Content” option in your source settings which you can easily enable.
Full Text works on most sites. In most cases, it can typically find and extract the full article content, including images and other media. However, some websites may have technical issues that prevent Full Text from working correctly. If you come across a problematic source, it’s likely due to how the site is set up.
Full Text RSS Feeds automatically adds an optional canonical link back to the original article source. This signals to search engines where the content originates from, helping to mitigate potential duplicate content issues. Additionally, you can enhance uniqueness by adding your own commentary or analysis to the imported articles.