Automated Curation Made Simple

Keyword Filtering

Automate your content curation process with WP RSS Aggregator’s filtering. Select and import only the most relevant and high-quality content for your site.

Time-Saving Automations

Set your filtering rules once and let the automation do the rest. WP RSS Aggregator will do the work behind the scenes, saving you hours of time manually curating each source.

Increase Relevance

By setting up filtering rules, you can ensure that the content you aggregate is highly relevant to your audience's interests, thereby increasing engagement and loyalty.

Precision Targeting

Filter content based on specific keywords, categories, or conditions, either on a source level or applied to all your sources globally, ensuring consistency throughout.

Help Your SEO

By curating more targeted content, you can help improve your site's SEO by teaching search engines more about your area of expertise.

Full Compatibility

This feature integrates seamlessly with all of WP RSS Aggregator’s features, helping you automate more of the content curation process as you build your library.

See how it works

Step 1: Define Your Criteria

Set up the keywords, categories, or conditions you want to filter content by.

Step 2: Configure the Automations

Save and enable the automations to apply these filters automatically.

Step 3: Review and Launch

Check the filtered content, make adjustments if needed, and go live.

in action

Real-World Applications and Benefits

Travel Blogger Community

Niche Blogs

Curate content that is highly relevant to your specific niche.

Bristol Today

News Websites

Automatically filter news stories based on topics of interest.

Personal Finance Blogs

Email Newsletters

Organize your content to be shared in different email newsletters.

What our users are saying about us

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I’m using WP RSS Aggregator as the core of my business model. There was no alternative for me to consider!
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WP RSS Aggregator does everything we asked for and the support was really helpful to get us up and running.
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This is probably the best RSS feed plugin out there and comes with amazing support. Thanks so much guys!
Ross Merritt
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I’ve tried many solutions to capture and display RSS feed results for my site, WP RSS Aggregator is the best one I’ve found.
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I have never had a single issue with it working the way it should. I would be lost without it and my website would cease to function!

Frequently asked questions

With WP RSS Aggregator’s automations, filtering content for specific keywords is as easy as typing the words and setting the rule to either import or exclude any content that contains those words. The checks are then done automatically.
Absolutely, filtering rules can be changed at any time. They will then be applied to all new content imported from when the change occurs. To apply the change to previously imported content, you can attempt to re-import it.
Yes, double-checking is a good idea. You can import items as drafts, have them filtered automatically, and then manually review them yourself (and perhaps, add your own commentary) before publishing them later on.
Yes, WP RSS Aggregator’s automations allow you to set filtering rules based on categories and/or tags from the original source’s RSS feed. As long as they’re provided, you can use them to further curate your library.
Yes, there are global filtering options that will enable you to do just that. They can run alongside source-specific automations. These are ideal for excluding profanity, unwanted material, and so on.
Yes, you can apply multiple filters to a single RSS feed to fine-tune the content you automatically curate for your readers.
While a direct preview feature is not available, you can test out your filters by importing feeds as post drafts before publishing them.
Filters are designed to work efficiently and should not significantly slow down the content aggregation process, nor your website in general.