As from June 23rd, 2015 all Facebook feeds will be deprecated and will stop returning data.

Facebook have released a 90-Day Deprecation Notice to notify all users and developers of this, and that it won’t be replacing it with another RSS/XML-returning endpoint, but use JSON instead.

What does this mean for users of WP RSS Aggregator?¬†Unfortunately, this means that all those using our plugin and add-ons for Facebook feeds will no longer be able to import any content via their current feed source URLs. They will no longer be functional come June 23rd.¬†This is something that is completely out of our team’s control and, regrettably, nothing else can be done about it from our end.

Published by Mark Zahra

Project Manager - WP RSS Aggregator


  1. so are you planning on changing the plugin to the JSON feed then?

    • Exactly, what I’d ask or say too!

    • Discussions are under way to see what can be done from our end for existing customers that are using Facebook feeds, however for the time being we don’t have any definite answers as to what we will be implementing, if anything. We will keep you updated via this blog once a decision is taken.


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