RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds often only provide a truncated version of an article. In other words, it will only provide users with a short excerpt of the original post, and perhaps a featured image to go along with it.

If you’re looking to curate content on your own site or use an RSS feed for any other reason, this can be problematic. It limits what you’re able to import from the original source, leaving you without the possibility of displaying the full article to your readers (with the appropriate credit given to the original source, of course).

There exist a few different ways to get around this, both in free and paid versions. In fact, below is a list of these services, some of which are more limited than others. At the end of the list is our alternative for WP RSS Aggregator – Full Text RSS Feeds – a premium and high quality service and add-on.

Other Services

Five Filters

Five Filters offers a free and a premium version that provides you with a Full Text RSS service that enables you to transform a partial web feed into the full content, stripped of any clutter or ads. This will allow you to read articles in full, whenever and wherever you prefer.

Full Text RSS Feed Builder

Full Text RSS Feed Builder is a completely free service that will take your partial RSS feed and convert it into a full-text feed. Just enter the URL and it will supply you with the new one.

WM Utils

Another such service is WM Utils. Once again this is completely free and it can take a shortened RSS feed and convert it into a static full text RSS feed.

Feed Enlarger

Another free service to convert partial RSS feeds into full text is Feed Enlarger. Yet again it’s as simple as entering the URL of your partial feed, but this time you’ve got a few extra settings you can set.


WizardRSS is as simple a service of this kind as you will find. Just enter the partial feed’s URL and click on the Create button. WizardRSS will do the rest, providing you with the full text feed in no time.

Full Text RSS Feeds Add-on for WP RSS Aggregator

As I mentioned in the introduction, the WP RSS Aggregator plugin offers a high quality full text service through the Full Text RSS Feeds add-on. This add-on provides connectivity to its Full Text RSS Feed premium service that offers the full text for an unlimited number of feed items per feed source. So if you’ve got 100 feed sources, each with 50 imported items, each one will be able to import the full content from the original source.

This add-on was designed to work in conjunction with another of WP RSS Aggregator’s add-ons, Feed to Post, which allows you to import feeds and store them as posts or any other custom post type that you might use. It provides you with the full content for these posts and all you have to do is simply check a box within the feed source’s settings.

You can read more about how this full text service works and how to use it in our documentation. We’re even building up an FAQ section dedicated solely to the full text service and add-on.

So if you’re looking to curate any content on your site, or you simply want to add this functionality to your Feed to Post add-on, just give it a go in our Advanced Feeds Bundle demo or go ahead and purchase it from here.

Published by Mark Zahra

Project Manager - WP RSS Aggregator


  1. If I can use full content from other website without changing its text, or layout + Showing it’s original source ….still it’s problematic!!!

  2. Hey Arjun, what’s problematic? Is it that you’re just copying someone else’s content? If so, we never encourage such things. On the contrary, we encourage everyone to credit the original source for all the content they import, and where possible, get prior permission before importing their content.

  3. not available anymore:
    Full Text RSS Feed Builder

  4. Is there a way to get full RSS Feed for websites that only provide trunked feed directly to Outlook RSS Feeds?

    • Hey Rahul, what ar ethe Outlook RSS feeds you’re referring to please? WP RSS Aggregator, with the Feed to Post and Full Text RSS Feeds add-ons can bring in the full content into your site when the RSS feed only provides a truncated version of the posts, yes.


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