The Feed Creator is a tool that you can use to create RSS feeds from webpages that do not provide their own feed. Couple this with WP RSS Aggregator and you will be able to import content from virtually any page on the web!

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Best of all it’s easy to use! All you need is the URL of the page, and if results aren’t accurate you can fine tune them by telling the creator where to look for items. The creator looks for items by link. So if a page has a list of links, you can pass their HTML id or class attribute to the creator, which will create an RSS feed using those links as the feed items.

Take for instance the popular site IMDb. These are the only RSS feeds they provide. So how do we get the “Top News” that they show on their homepage? If you look at the HTML of the page, you’ll notice that each news entry in the “Top News” section has an HTML class of newsItem.

So in Feed Creator we enter as the URL and newsItem where it asks for the ID or Class attribute.

Here’s the result, and clicking on the RSS feed button gives us the RSS feed. Put the feed in WP RSS Aggregator to import your items, and if you’re using Feed to Post you can use the Force full content option to also import the article content for each item.

Pretty neat huh? Let us know if you find this new free service useful!

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  1. One word…….INGENIOUS!!!!

  2. Awesome, am I able to insert multiple Classes or ID’s (separated with comma?)

    …and if so how would I prevent duplicate entries?

    • Currently, multiple classes and IDs aren’t supported.

      As for duplicates, you can use the `unique_url` and `unique_title` options. These will eliminate entries with duplicate URLs and duplicate titles respectively, and are used simply by being added to the URL like so:


      Setting them to `1` turns the features on, and setting them to `0` turns them off.

      The “Request parameters” table in the Feed Creator has a full list of extra options that you can use.

  3. wont open.. IsItUp says your site is this perminately?

  4. Hi, I just tried this with url…

    No result. A solution ?

    Thank you 😉

    • Hi, it doesn’t seem possible to fetch the exact post link from that page as the link doesn’t have a unique URL structure, and it isn’t inside any HTML element with a unique class or ID.


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