We've got an important update for you with regards to your WP RSS Aggregator license keys and renewal discounts.

Automatic Subscriptions

As we revealed earlier this month, we have switched to a license subscription model as of the 1st of March, 2017. This means that when you purchase one of our add-ons or bundles, you are opting in as a subscriber, and your license renewals will be handled automatically using the billing details you provide at checkout and in your WP RSS Aggregator account.

For the time being, both subscribers and non-subscribers will benefit from a 30% renewal discount. This might change in the future, so we recommend becoming a subscriber to ensure that you always benefit from our renewal discount.

As an existing customer (purchased prior to 1st March 2017), you are currently "unsubscribed". In order to become a subscriber you will need to extend your license. This can be done via your WP RSS Aggregator account. For more information on how expiry dates and payment dates are handled in such cases, please click here and read through the FAQs.

Cancelling a subscription is also possible through your WP RSS Aggregator account or your payment gateway account.

We have also made small modifications to our Terms & Conditions to provide for this change.

Why should I pay a yearly subscription?

That's a valid question to have, so here are a few reasons:

  1. Free has no value. If someone gets a plugin for free they are far less likely to make effective use of it than if it was something they used their hard-earned money to purchase.
  2. It's an investment that will earn itself back. When you purchase a WP RSS Aggregator add-on you are doing it with an aim in mind. In one way or another, that purpose will result in more traffic, higher quality followers, or greater sales of some sort. Whatever your purpose is, WP RSS Aggregator is a worthwhile investment to make.
  3. Save yourself time and money. With us, you are purchasing a quality product along with invaluable access to our support team. You're not purchasing a lacklustre product that will require further investment in other tools or major customisations, and you won't need to run after the support team to get a simple reply.
  4. Maintaining such a plugin full-time is expensive. We have a full-time team of developers, support staff and project managers working around the clock to continuously maintain and improve the plugin and all its add-ons. That doesn't come cheap, but it's worthwhile to provide a quality product and service.
  5. Our prices are cheap, really. When you consider the amount of work our plugins can do, and the fact that a complete website can be built around it, an $80 investment (or even less) is not an expensive solution. Creating a custom one that does what WP RSS Aggregator can do will cost far more.
  6. You might also think that you deserve a discount because you're going to help market us. To be honest, you don't. We've done this before, and we've given out discounts on the premise that our plugin is advertised on someone's website. Although we might get a few hits a week from that link, it's nothing compared to our own internal efforts.
  7. You're a friend of the business. That gives you even more reason to purchase the add-ons at full price and support our effort in continually developing them.

Have you got a question? Contact us here.

Published by Mark Zahra

Project Manager - WP RSS Aggregator


  1. So how much will the subscription cost?

    • Hi Esteban,

      The prices for the add-ons and bundles are still the same, so it depends which one you need. If you’re renewing an existing license key then you also get a 30% discount on the add-on’s cost.

  2. Hi, Mark,
    I only just bought a single site Advanced bundle with licences that expire in Feb 2018, yet got a message saying I’m Unsubscribed.
    Does that mean I’m expected to pay an additional fee now?
    John Hamshare.


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