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If you landed on this page, you want to learn how to increase the traffic to your site.

Below we've put together a list of some of WP Mayor's best guides on how you can achieve this. There's a number of ways you can start, including creating or importing quality content, social sharing, improving your SEO, and more.

We've started building up this list of recommendations, and will keep doing so in the future, so bookmark this page for the future! Some of the posts linked below may be from a year or two ago, but they are still very much valid, and will be updated very soon.

Increase Your Traffic

Tips to Follow for Increasing Traffic to Your WordPress Blog or Site

10 Secrets of a Successful Website to Attract More Visitors


How to Create an Autoblog that Actually Works (Yes, Really)

How to Build a Latest News Website Without Any Coding Experience

Social Sharing

How to Repurpose Your Blog Posts to Maximize Social Shares

SEO & Site Speed

15 Best SEO Practices for Your WordPress Website

12 DIY Tips to Improve Your WP Site’s Speed, SEO, and Usability

Top 3 SEO Optimization Plugins: Free Vs. Premium Version

Mailing Lists

How to Import Great Content for a Quality Newsletter

Catering for Many Languages

Choosing the Right International Site Structure for Your WordPress Website

Other Top Tips

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Should Be Using a CDN Right Now

More guides coming very soon!