WP News Desk

The WP News Desk website uses our Feed to Post and Full Text RSS Feeds add-ons to import WordPress-related posts from all over the web and display them alongside a featured image.

It makes use of a few of our Feed to Post filters in order to modify the post titles, to have them link directly to the original source sending the traffic directly to the original author and ensuring that they get the credit they deserve, as well as to display a list of feed sources directly on the site.


Travel Blogger Community

The Travel Blogger Community website uses our Advanced Feeds Bundle to import travel-related posts from a number of the best travel bloggers around the world. It also uses the Word Trimming function to only display an excerpt of each post, in turn linking back to the original source using the Append to Content function. This ensures that the original source for each post gets the deserved traffic since the readers need to visit their site to continue reading beyond the first few words.

Watch this tutorial video to learn how Travel Blogger Community works, and how simple it was to create.


Dribbble Me

Dribbble Me uses the Feed to Post add-on to serve you the latest dribbbles, neatly sorted by tag.