WP News Desk

The WP News Desk web­site uses our Feed to Post and Full Text RSS Feeds add-ons to import Word­Press-relat­ed posts from all over the web and dis­play them alongside a fea­tured image.

It makes use of a few of our Feed to Post fil­ters in order to mod­i­fy the post titles, to have them link direct­ly to the orig­i­nal source send­ing the traf­fic direct­ly to the orig­i­nal author and ensur­ing that they get the cred­it they deserve, as well as to dis­play a list of feed sources direct­ly on the site.

Travel Blogger Community

The Trav­el Blog­ger Com­mu­ni­ty web­site uses our Advanced Feeds Bundle to import trav­el-relat­ed posts from a num­ber of the best trav­el blog­gers around the world. It also uses the Word Trim­ming func­tion to only dis­play an excerpt of each post, in turn link­ing back to the orig­i­nal source using the Append to Con­tent func­tion. This ensures that the orig­i­nal source for each post gets the deserved traf­fic since the read­ers need to vis­it their site to con­tin­ue read­ing beyond the first few words.

Watch this tuto­ri­al video to learn how Trav­el Blog­ger Com­mu­ni­ty works, and how sim­ple it was to cre­ate.

Dribbble Me

Dribb­ble Me uses the Feed to Post add-on to serve you the lat­est dribb­bles, neat­ly sort­ed by tag.