The WP RSS Aggregator plugin has always had a few translations available for it, but nowhere near enough. For this reason, in the past few weeks, we have made a push to find new translators for our free core plugin and premium add-ons.

As of the writing of this post, I am very glad to see that our core plugin is available in six languages. These are English (US), Catalan, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

There are much more in the works, and we’re also itching to release the updates for our premium add-ons that will include these new translations.

You can track the progress of the core plugin’s translations from here. If you’re interested in contributing to a translation, apply here, we give each approved translator free licenses for the premium add-ons they translate.

To all those contributing to these translations…

Thank you!  |  Gracias!  | Dank je!  |  Gràcies!  |  Спасибо!  |  Mulțumesc!

Published by Mark Zahra

Project Manager - WP RSS Aggregator

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