This week we released two updates, one for our Core plugin, and the other for the Feed to Post add-on.

Core Plugin Update

The Core update includes two new long-awaited features, and they can be used with all our premium add-ons too. The new features are “Limit feed items per import” and “Import order“. Here’s a screenshot of the settings which can be found in RSS Aggregator > Settings > General.

Limit feed items per import

Many customers have asked us to add this limit. Why?

In many cases, the feed source you are using will have a large number of new posts every time you go to import a new set. Whether it’s because you choose to import new items every week, or simply because the source publishes that many new items every day or even every hour, it can be problematic.

It might fill up your database or even slow down the import process if it gets excessive. Having the ability to limit how many new items are imported every time a fetch is made will prevent this. The limit will tell the plugin how many new items to import on each fetch, which in turn is already handled automatically by the plugin.

But which items will it import? The latest few? The oldest few? That’s where the next feature comes in.

Import order

The import order will tell the plugin where to start importing items from, whether it’s the most recent, or the oldest. This is ideal in combination with the new per import limit setting described above.

That being said, it can also be used without the above setting. The two are not tied to each other in any way, they simple compliment one another very well.

A quick glance

Here’s a short screencast showing the two settings in action together.

Looking ahead

In the future, these settings will also be available on a per-feed-source basis, so you will have ultimate control over how each feed source imports items, how many are imported per fetch, and of course when they are imported.

Feed to Post Update

The Feed to Post update included a number of bug fixes, enhancements, and changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug: post attachments deleted indiscriminately together with post, even if post not imported by WPRA.
  • Fixed bug: enclosures not downloadable due to being URl-encoded by SimplePie’s sanitization.
  • Fixed bug: links of imported posts displayed in the loop sometimes point to wrong post.

Enhancements and changes:

  • Enhanced: the `srcset` attribute of images is now also a valid source of images, each of which is treated as a regular image.
  • Enhanced: names of imported images now match source names, instead of being cryptic. This also makes them shorter, preventing problems on some systems.
  • Enhanced: performance and stability improvements.
  • Changed: Excerpts & Thumbnails no longer gets de-activated when this plugin activates. Updated docs for related setting.

Looking ahead

Another update for Feed to Post is planned for the coming weeks with a few more fixes, as well as some more enhancements that have been long awaited.

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