One of the best companion plugins for WP RSS Aggregator is the Toolset suite.

We like to use Types to create the custom post types that will store our imported feed items, then use Views to structure the front end (what the users will see). We mostly like to stick to Genesis themes as they are very structurally sound and count on an awesome community. However any theme will work really, and with Views you can create any templates that the theme doesn’t come with straight out of the box.

We have a few simple examples of Views usage on the Views Demo page, although these are very basic when compared to the sophistication you can achieve with this plugin. Nevertheless most users find it useful to start their experimentation with Views by trying to recreate the examples we provide. That means that we have been receiving a number of requests for assistance in this area.

To make it more helpful for you, we’ve included screenshots and details about our own setup for each of the examples on the Views Demo page. All you need to do is click on the title for each example, and you’ll be taken to another page with more details about the setup for that View.

If you’re thinking of using WP RSS Aggregator in conjunction with Toolset/Views or any other template builder for WordPress please leave a comment below so we can have an idea what to provide in future use cases and tutorials.

Download Views

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  1. What happened to the Views Demo page? I tried to take a look (being an existing views user), but it’s not found


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