WP RSS Aggregator 3.0 has just been released, thanks for being patient and waiting for this update. There’s a bunch of new options added, and you can expect another update in around a month’s time. Addons will also start being released in the first part of April.

This version of the plugin has underwent a major rewrite and it is now able to work well with addons. In the following 3 weeks I’ll have the opportunity to ascertain that everyone is happy with how the core plugin works, and there are no bugs, before proceeding to release the addons.

As always, your feedback is most welome and appreciated.

PS For those who are eager to see what the addons will be able to produce, I’ll be testing them out on my blog: Fit for Blogging. For now I’ve got the beta version of the Excerpts and Thumbnails addon running, so you can see those in action.

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