I’m very happy to announce that version 3.3 of WP RSS Aggregator is now out. It’s the fruit of many hours of hard work by our team.

Apart from the many improvements, this release also coincides with the the release of some very long-awaited add-ons to the core plugin. Before I go ahead and describe the add-ons, I want to thank all the current users who have been very patient in waiting for these add-ons, while I was perfecting them for release.

Version 3.3 includes the following new features:

OPML Importer

You can now import the feeds you had in other readers such as Google Reader into WP RSS Aggregator. You can thus easily use the plugin to create your own self-hosted aggregator.

opml import

Custom Feeds

Share your aggregated feeds with other applications or to the general public through the new custom feed URL, which you can set from the settings page.

custom feed url

With the default setting shown above you’ll be able to access your new feed from http://www.yoursite.com/feed/wprss.

You’ll also be able to set a limit for the number of feed items that show in this custom feed.

custom feed limit

If no custom feed limit is entered, WP RSS Aggregator will use the default WordPress setting found under Settings > Reading Settings in the dashboard (shown below).

wordpress default feed settings

Feed Limit per Feed Source

In v3.3 you can set feed item limits for individual Feed Sources. This makes it easy for you to prevent feed sources with frequent updates from overwhelming the rest of your feed, and has been one of the most requested new features.

feed limit

Other improvements

There are some minor improvements, most of them to directly satisfy the requests you’ve made in the support forum.

  • New ‘Fetch feed items’ action for each Feed Source in listing display
  • Option to enable link to feed source
  • Date strings now change according to locale being used (i.e. compatible with WPML)
  • Capabilities implemented
  • Feed Sources row action ‘View’ removed


As I said earlier, this release goes hand in hand with 3 new add-ons that extend the functionality found in the core plugin.

Excerpts and Thumbnails Add-on

This add-on gives you the possibility of including excerpts and thumbnails in addition to the title, source and date information for each feed item.

Here’s an example:

digital nomads

Categories Add-on

I’ve been wishing I had this functionality for quite some time, and I know many of you also wanted this add-on. What it does is let you assign feed sources to a category of your choice. It works exactly like the WordPress default posts and their categories.

The real power is then when displaying the feeds, as you can have several pages each displaying feeds from just one category (or more) of your choice. This controlled via a shortcode:

[wp-rss-aggregator category="travel"]

In the example above  the aggregator will fetch only feed items from those feed sources which are assigned to the category with a slug equal to ‘travel’.

Multiple categories can also be given like so:

[wp-rss-aggregator category="travel, sports"]

Keyword Filtering Add-on

You now have the ability to filter what feed items get imported into your aggregator. Filtering is on the basis of keywords or keyphrases that can be set on a global or per feed source level.

keyword filtering

When you enter your keywords/keyphrases, the aggregator will only import feed items which contain those words/phrases in their content. You can thus have a highly focused feed.

Version 3.3 has been our biggest release yet in terms of effort and improvement, and I truly hope you enjoy the new functionality. We’re always open to suggestions and constructive criticism, so fire away any comments below. We also have a few other add-ons that are being developed, and we hope to make them available within the next month or two.

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  1. Great plugin, but your latest release is missing a critical include file: roles-capabilities.php. Looking forward to the updated release that includes the fix. Thanks!

  2. Great plugin but like Jackie said the latest version has a few bugs — it completely breaks custom post types!

  3. Zim thanks for your feedback. To clarify, there was one bug related to the missing file Jackie mentioned, and it was fixed within an hour after being reported. You can now find version 3.3.1 in the repository, which works fine.

  4. Thank you for the quick follow up, but I am using 3.3.1, and when I activate the plugin then all custom post type archives and custom post type single post pages are all showing a 404 error on the frontend — as soon as I deactivate the plugin, they return to normal.

    • Ok zim, you’re the first one reporting this, lets take it to the forum please and I’ll be happy to help you find a solution to this issue.

  5. really want to buy this..is the issues fixed?

  6. I actually want to delete this plug-in but have been unable to do so. I was hoping that this up-grade would solve the problem, but unfortunately, not. When I click
    on the delete button, I just get a white screen. Please help. Many thanks.


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