Today we have the pleasure of announcing that we have added a new premium add-on to our WP RSS Aggregator collection – the Widget add-on.

This add-on allows you to add a widget to any section of your WordPress site to display a list of imported feed items from WP RSS Aggregator. It’s an add-on that has been in the pipeline for quite a while, and has finally been given the green light.

It offers a number of features including the ability to choose the number of feed items to display, the ability to display the date and source of each feed item, the ability to trim the title, a number of style options, as well as some ticker animation options.

When used in conjunction with our Excerpts & Thumbnails add-on it comes to life even more, giving you the option of displaying the excerpt and/or thumbnail image for each of the feed items displayed. Besides this you can also trim the title and add a “Read more” link of your choice to the end of the excerpt.

For Feed to Post users, it’s important to note that the widget shows feed items, not posts. Thus, it requires the feed sources to be importing as Feed Items in order for the items to be displayed within the widget.

Get the Widget add-on here!

Published by Mark Zahra

Project Manager - WP RSS Aggregator


  1. Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, just purchased it!


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