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All offers listed below are valid only between Friday 24th November and Monday 27th November 2017.

30% Off Our Already Discounted Bundles

Go for the Advanced Feeds Bundle to run automatic post importing from any source.

Get 30% OFF the Advanced Feeds Bundle

Opt for the Simple Feeds Bundle to enhance a feed item listing with some images and text.

Get 30% OFF the Simple Feeds Bundle

20% Discount Off Individual Add-ons

Importing as Posts
(or any Custom Post Type)

Content spinner integrations

Importing as Feed Items
(display with a shortcode)

Other Add-ons for Filtering and Widgets

The above discounts apply only to new purchases made between Friday 24th November and Monday 27th November. They do not apply to license renewals. Got questions about any of the add-ons and bundles? Contact our support team.