About us

Meet the team behind your favorite RSS tool

WP RSS Aggregator began as a simple idea by Jean Galea. Today, we're a buzzing community, making the web a more organized and accessible place.

Our Journey

Jean’s vision resonated with users around the globe. The enthusiasm was so overwhelming that we decided to expand our offerings. We introduced premium features to enhance your experience and provide even more value.


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The Team

Guiding our efforts is Mark, our CEO, who ensures we’re always aligned with our mission. Miguel, our CTO, is the tech wizard who keeps our products innovative. Mike, our Support Specialist, is your go-to for any questions or guidance. Last but not least, Gaby, our Product Manager, is the creative force that brings new features to life. Together, we’re a remote team, united by a common goal.

Our Philosophy

We’re committed to reshaping digital experiences. Our focus is on delivering curated content that not only informs but also enriches your online journey.

WP RSS Aggregator is developed, supported and sold by RebelCode Ltd.

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