The Core WP RSS Aggregator plugin is free to download from the plugin repository.

View all its features here, or add more value with premium add-ons.

This plugin works on self-hosted versions of WordPress ( and is not compatible with the hosted version of WordPress (
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Great Features with Our Free and Premium Versions

Quickly add as many feed sources as you need, applying general or individual settings to each.
Automatically aggregate and publish content to your blog or curate it then publish it manually.
Easily filter the content being imported based on any combination of keywords and tags.
Easily display feed item listings using the WP RSS Aggregator shortcode and its parameters.
Stagger feed imports to improve performance while still getting the content you need.
Import the full content from RSS feeds that only provide excerpts, then trim it to your liking.

A Multi-Purpose Solution For Various Needs

Quickly Aggregate & Curate Relevant Content

Build your own WordPress site on the power of WP RSS Aggregator and its premium add-ons.

The websites shown to the right are just a couple of examples of you can use WP RSS Aggregator to aggregate and filter the latest articles from hundreds of different sources .

Think it's too good to be true? Check them out for yourself.

WP News Desk
Blogger Community
WP News Desk

Automatically curates WordPress news from over 100 sources!


Blogger Community

Brings together travel bloggers from around the world in one place.



There are many other types of websites where content aggregation or curation will be a great hit. Take a look at a few ideas below:

  • Local, National or International News
  • General Sports News
  • Sports Club News
  • Financial News
  • Corporate Websites
  • Showcase Upcoming Events
  • Share YouTube Videos
  • and much more.

Have any questions on how WP RSS Aggregator can fit into your WordPress site? Send a pre-sales question and we'll guide you!

Easily Display Feed Item Listings

Enhance your site with the latest content from multiple sources displayed in simple, stylish lists using our shortcodes.

Curate your own work, add a "Latest News" section, or add related content that your viewers will enjoy reading.

The possibilities are endless.

Personal Site
Volunteer Network

AskQV aggregates the latest Qlik Sense and QlikView tutorials from 34 of the world's top Qlik developers.


Personal Site

Show a list of your latest works from around the web.


Volunteer Network

Helping other volunteer pilots, one nautical mile at a time.


Add Value with Our Premium Add-ons and Bundles

Feed to Post

Import feed items from multiple sources as WordPress Posts or any other Custom Post Type of your choice, and display them anywhere that your theme allows.

Excerpts & Thumbnails

Display thumbnail images and excerpts from your RSS feeds alongside the feed item's title to inject some life & color into your feed display (using the shortcode).

Keyword Filtering

This add-on is used to filter the content being imported based on keywords, key phrases, or tags of your choice. It can be used alone or with any other add-on.

Advanced Feeds Bundle

Import feed items into WordPress Posts or any other Custom Post TypeThe ideal bundle to build an entire site that pulls in full or partial posts from other sources, or if you want to upgrade from your simple feed item display.

Simple Feeds Bundle

A bundle aimed at sprucing up your feed item display through the addition of thumbnail images, excerpts, categorisation of feed sources as well as filtering options. The ideal mix of add-ons to give some life to your WordPress site's feed display.

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What Others Are Saying About Us


Whether you want to display a list of news items, recent blog posts, or job listings from a number of sources all in one place on your site, this is the plugin for you.


RSS feeds are a powerful tool which can be used to curate and aggregate content for niche audiences and create community websites.


If you’re looking to incorporate RSS feeds into your site, WP RSS Aggregator can certainly get the job done and I feel confident recommending it.

Over 530,000 downloads & trusted by over 30,000 active users!

Good plugin. We needed it to display something similar to related posts from a different website and using the thumbnails and excerpts add ons we were able to achieve the results we wanted.


I love this plugin and the support provided! It works exactly as described and helps compile content for my websites. Mark in support is awesome and quick to respond. I love everything about this plugin and team!

Meghan Finkle

If you just need to stick the contents of an RSS feed into a page, there are many other, simpler ways to do it. But the moment you want even just a bit more control, this plugin outshines the others.


This stuff works great. Love it. Even better – the support is spot on. Timely and very supportive. Not cheap but neither is my time and it’s saving me LOTS of it. Highest praise I can give – it just works.

Tom Cropper

Supercharge your site today!

Add value to your WordPress site with our premium add-ons. Easily filter your imported content, enhance your feed item display with excerpts and images, and much more!