Looking to import RSS feeds into WordPress Posts?
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Feed to Post is a complete solution for importing RSS Feeds into WordPress Posts or any other Custom Post Type. Take it one step further with the Full Text RSS Feeds add-on to bring in the full content when it's not provided by the feed.

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Import content, be it text, images or videos, from any source. If it has an RSS feed, WP RSS Aggregator can work its magic. If it doesn't have one, it could still do the job.

Blogs | News Sites | Google Alerts | Social Media | Youtube | Community Blogs | Event Sites & More

Aggregate / Curate Relevant Content

Build your own WordPress site on the power of WP RSS Aggregator and its premium add-ons.

Use WP RSS Aggregator and its add-ons to aggregate and filter the latest articles from different sources.

Easily Display Feed Item Listings

Enhance your site with the latest content from multiple sources displayed in simple, stylish lists using our shortcodes.

Curate your own work, add a "Latest News" section, or add related content that your viewers will enjoy reading.

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Whether you want to display a list of news items, recent blog posts, or job listings from a number of sources all in one place on your site, this is the plugin for you.


RSS feeds are a powerful tool which can be used to curate and aggregate content for niche audiences and create community websites.


If you’re looking to incorporate RSS feeds into your site, WP RSS Aggregator can certainly get the job done and I feel confident recommending it.

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The Core WP RSS Aggregator plugin is free to download from the WordPress plugin repository.
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This plugin works on self-hosted versions of WordPress (WordPress.org) and is not compatible with the hosted version of WordPress (WordPress.com). Click here if you’re not sure about the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.