The Core WP RSS Aggre­ga­tor plug­in is free to down­load from the plug­in repos­i­to­ry.

View all its fea­tures here, or add more val­ue with pre­mi­um add-ons.

This plug­in works on self-host­ed ver­sions of Word­Press ( and is not com­pat­i­ble with the host­ed ver­sion of Word­Press (
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Great Features with Our Free and Premium Versions

Quickly add as many feed sources as you need, applying general or individual settings to each.
Automatically aggregate and publish content to your blog or curate it then publish it manually.
Easily filter the content being imported based on any combination of keywords and tags.
Easily display feed item listings using the WP RSS Aggregator shortcode and its parameters.
Stagger feed imports to improve performance while still getting the content you need.
Import the full content from RSS feeds that only provide excerpts, then trim it to your liking.

A Multi-Purpose Solution For Various Needs

Quickly Aggregate & Curate Relevant Content

Build your own Word­Press site on the pow­er of WP RSS Aggre­ga­tor and its pre­mi­um add-ons.

The web­sites shown to the right are just a cou­ple of exam­ples of how you can use WP RSS Aggre­ga­tor and its add-ons to aggre­gate and fil­ter the lat­est arti­cles from as many dif­fer­ent sources as you want.

Think it’s too good to be true? Check them out for your­self.

WP News Desk 
Blog­ger Com­mu­ni­ty
WP News Desk 

Auto­mat­i­cal­ly curates Word­Press news from over 100 sources!



Blog­ger Com­mu­ni­ty

Brings togeth­er trav­el blog­gers from around the world in one place.



There are many oth­er types of web­sites where con­tent aggre­ga­tion or cura­tion will be a great hit. Take a look at a few ideas below:

  • Local, nation­al or inter­na­tion­al news
  • Sports club or asso­ci­a­tion news
  • The lat­est from the finan­cial mar­kets
  • Cor­po­rate web­site news aggre­ga­tion
  • Show­cas­ing upcom­ing events
  • Shar­ing Youtube videos
  • and much more…

Have any ques­tions on how WP RSS Aggre­ga­tor can fit into your Word­Press site? Ask our ded­i­cat­ed team and we’ll guide you.

Easily Display Feed Item Listings

Enhance your site with the lat­est con­tent from mul­ti­ple sources dis­played in sim­ple, styl­ish lists using our short­codes.

Curate your own work, add a “Lat­est News” sec­tion, or add relat­ed con­tent that your view­ers will enjoy read­ing.

The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less.

Per­son­al Site 
Vol­un­teer Net­work

AskQV aggre­gates the lat­est Qlik Sense and QlikView tuto­ri­als from 34 of the world’s top Qlik devel­op­ers.


Per­son­al Site

Show a list of your lat­est works from around the web.


Vol­un­teer Net­work

Help­ing oth­er vol­un­teer pilots, one nau­ti­cal mile at a time.


Add Value with Our Premium Add-ons

Feed to Post

Import feed items from mul­ti­ple sources as Word­Press Posts or any oth­er Cus­tom Post Type of your choice, and dis­play them any­where that your the­me allows.

Excerpts & Thumbnails

Dis­play thumb­nail images and excerpts from your RSS feeds alongside the feed item’s title to inject some life & col­or into your feed dis­play (using the short­code).

Keyword Filtering

This add-on is used to fil­ter the con­tent being import­ed based on key­words, key phras­es, or tags of your choice. It can be used alone or with any oth­er add-on.

Big Savings With Our Popular Bundles

Advanced Feeds Bundle

Import feed items into Posts or any oth­er Cus­tom Post Type. The ide­al bundle to build an entire site that pulls in full or par­tial posts from oth­er sources, or if you want to upgrade from your sim­ple feed item dis­play. The per­fect solu­tion for a con­tent aggre­ga­tion or cura­tion web­site.

Simple Feeds Bundle

A bundle aimed at spruc­ing up your feed item dis­play through the addi­tion of thumb­nail images, excerpts, cat­e­gori­sa­tion of feed sources as well as fil­ter­ing options. The ide­al mix of add-ons to give some life to your Word­Press site’s feed dis­play.

What Others Are Saying About Us


Whether you want to dis­play a list of news items, recent blog posts, or job list­ings from a num­ber of sources all in one place on your site, this is the plug­in for you.


RSS feeds are a pow­er­ful tool which can be used to curate and aggre­gate con­tent for niche audi­ences and cre­ate com­mu­ni­ty web­sites.


If you’re look­ing to incor­po­rate RSS feeds into your site, WP RSS Aggre­ga­tor can cer­tain­ly get the job done and I feel con­fi­dent rec­om­mend­ing it.

Good plug­in. We need­ed it to dis­play some­thing sim­i­lar to relat­ed posts from a dif­fer­ent web­site and using the thumb­nails and excerpts add ons we were able to achieve the results we want­ed.


If you just need to stick the con­tents of an RSS feed into a page, there are many oth­er, sim­pler ways to do it. But the moment you want even just a bit more con­trol, this plug­in out­shi­nes the oth­ers.


This stuff works great. Love it. Even bet­ter – the sup­port is spot on. Time­ly and very sup­port­ive. Not cheap but nei­ther is my time and it’s sav­ing me LOTS of it. High­est praise I can give – it just works.

Tom Crop­per

I love this plug­in and the sup­port pro­vid­ed! It works exact­ly as described and helps com­pile con­tent for my web­sites. Mark in sup­port is awe­some and quick to respond. I love every­thing about this plug­in and team!

Meghan Fin­kle