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Why WP RSS Aggregator ?

Feed Management

Keeping track of your feed sources is important, that's why WP RSS Aggregator has a dedicated feed source area to manage them from.

Efficiency & Peace of Mind

Set up your settings, then your feed sources, and hit Publish. From then on, WP RSS Aggregator does the brunt of the work for you.

Build Your Credibility

Become the go-to source for whatever topics you choose. Become the local sports hub, the top source for world affairs, or the cryptocurrency king.


We offer a number of premium add-ons for additional functionality. Use them to filter the content you import, beautify your lists with images, or avoid lists altogether & have the content imported as WordPress posts.


Be it a pre-sales question, a bug report, or just a request for help, we have a dedicated team ready to offer their help. You can contact us at any time from our dedicated support page.


We know it's not always easy to figure everything out in one go. That's why we used our expertise in combination with your feedback to put together our extensive documentation that covers almost every aspect of our core plugin and premium add-ons.

An overview of WP RSS Aggregator's core plugin