This is our most popular bundle and for good reason. Ideal in cases where you want to build an entire site that pulls feeds from other sources (auto-blogging website), or if you want to do something other than have a simple display of feeds.

This bundle contains the following add-ons:

The Feed to Post add-on is the most powerful and flexible add-on in our collection, and together with the Keyword Filtering add-on you have the most powerful combination possible of WP RSS Aggregator and its add-ons. The Full Text RSS Feeds add-on gives you access to our premium Full Text service which gives you full content for unlimited feed items.

Altogether, the extensions are valued at $190, but you can get them all here for $150; a $40 savings! It gets even better if you purchase a 5 or 20 site license.

Please do read through the individual add-on pages to understand each add-on’s functionality. This bundle is ideal for content aggregation and curation websites where you want to import content and display it through your WordPress site's blog or in a specified location for the latest news, videos and much more. You can get more ideas in our Showcase and Use-Cases.

For a better understanding of how this bundle could be used, please take a look here.

Demo Site

Take the complete Advanced Feeds Bundle on a test drive. If you need any help in getting things up and running or implementing a certain feature just hit us up via a pre-sales support ticket.


It’s important to note that if you are planning on using the Feed to Post add-on, the following add-ons can only be made use of when enabling the Legacy Feed Items option:

This means that once you have installed Feed to Post, the shortcode system used by the core plugin and the Excerpts and Thumbnails add-on will only work if you use this setting, which disables the Feed to Post functionality for the chosen sources. Also, the Categories add-on is not required when using Feed to Post since it already includes the taxonomy functionality.

If you’re still unsure whether this is the bundle you require, please read our dedicated post on choosing the right add-ons for your use case or check out our Bundle Comparison table.


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All purchased license keys provide you with free support and updates for one (1) year. After one year, license keys need to be renewed (at a 30% discount) to keep benefitting from support and updates.


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