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A content hub serves as a centralized repository for all your valuable content, making it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for without having to leave your site.
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By offering a variety of content types and topics in one place, a content hub can significantly increase your user engagement, encouraging visitors to spend more time on your site.
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A well-structured content hub can improve your site’s SEO by helping you become a topical authority and increasing the time users spend on your site, which are factors search engines consider for ranking.

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Creating a content hub that your visitors will keep coming back to

Linda was looking for a solution to creating a content hub with advice from various experts in the real estate industry. With WP RSS Aggregator Pro, she now easily and smoothly runs a site that constantly features content from multiple contributors.
Linda Day Harrison, The Broker List
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“WP RSS Aggregator is time-saving. Our members love it because it doesn’t cause them any extra work. We can just pull their content in.“

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I’m using WP RSS Aggregator as the core of my business model. There was no alternative for me to consider!
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WP RSS Aggregator does everything we asked for and the support was really helpful to get us up and running.
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This is probably the best RSS feed plugin out there and comes with amazing support. Thanks so much guys!
Ross Merritt
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I’ve tried many solutions to capture and display RSS feed results for my site, WP RSS Aggregator is the best one I’ve found.
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I have never had a single issue with it working the way it should. I would be lost without it and my website would cease to function!
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Frequently asked questions

A news aggregator is a platform or service that automatically pulls news from different sources and displaces them as single ‘feeds’. The benefit for the reader is that they find all the information they need in one place. The opportunity for the publisher is to build an audience by curating content rather than producing it.

Yes, and one of the most downloaded WordPress news plugins too. If not the most popular! Try searching for ‘WordPress news plugin’ to find the best one for your project.

There are many of them. Pages and pages of them in’s plugin directory. You can make your own too, whether using WordPress out of the box or a page builder like Elementor or Divi.

The aggregator business model is similar to the publishing one, so relying on advertising. But also monetizing offers and services that complement it. The larger the audience the more opportunities you have to build new revenue streams. For example, charging publications for inclusion in your ones.

There are quite a few, in fact. Eight of them are mentioned in the Best Aggregator Themes for WordPress post on WP Mayor. You can find more in the Theme directory on

WP RSS Aggregator can be used for any kind of content, so yes. Business news is a broad topic and is consumed by millions of people every day. Consider creating a content hub around a specific news niche.

Given you get blog functionality out of the box, you have a news website as soon as you install WordPress! You can then add more pages, categories, functions, and everything you need to report on the news. You can also curate and publish news from other sources using a news aggregator plugin like WP RSS Aggregator. As soon as you install WordPress you get a news website out of the box!

Certainly. There are a number of news tickets that work well with WP RSS Aggregator such as T4B News Ticker and Ditty News Ticker.