Affiliate Program Policies

Approved Promotional Methods

Promotional methods should add value to WP RSS Aggregator. This is how you will end up making more commissions.

Here are some examples of the beneficial promotional methods other affiliates use:

  • Refer your clients to WP RSS Aggregator – If you think WP RSS Aggregator is a good fit for your clients or customers, share an affiliate link with them so they can purchase through that. (PS. This does not include you purchasing a multi-site license and using it on multiple client’s sites – that is prohibited as the purchase is being made by you, so you’re basically fishing for a discount on your own investment.)
  • Write a blog post or review – Share the benefits of using WP RSS Aggregator for various use-cases or show off one of WP RSS Aggregator’s powerful features.
  • Share on social media – Tweeting to your Twitter followers with your affiliate link or sharing an affiliate link on Facebook. As long as you’re not spamming your followers or the groups you post in, it’s a great way to get referrals.
  • Help others in online forums and groups – Lots of people need or want WP RSS Aggregator but don’t know it! For example, if a potential customer asks a question on a private or public forum about how to add a curated news section to their website, you can reply that it’s possible using WP RSS Aggregator and its Templates add-on. Share your affiliate link and you can make a commission just like that!

Prohibited Promotional Methods

Affiliate programs are win-win: you promote a product that you like and believe in – in return we make sales – and best of all, you make money from the commission! However, some promotional methods are prohibited for various reasons.

  • Coupon and Deals sites are not allowed as a WP RSS Aggregator promotional method. Customers searching coupon sites are already highly motivated to buy WP RSS Aggregator. Promoting WP RSS Aggregator via a coupon site does not add value to WP RSS Aggregator, so this method is prohibited.
  • Pretending to be formally associated with WP RSS Aggregator. As an affiliate you are not an employee of WP RSS Aggregator or RebelCode Ltd and have no formal connection with WP RSS Aggregator or RebelCode Ltd.
  • Any form of spam. Email spam, link spamming, comment spamming, and so on are not allowed. If you’re posting to a forum or comment thread, please make sure to follow the rules of the respective website/forum/group you’re on.
  • Anything illegal, or morally offensive. That’s subjective, true, but if we don’t like it for any reason, you’ll have your account terminated immediately. This includes spam, for whatever definition of spam we want to use.
  • Confusing customers into thinking your website is operated, owned or endorsed by WP RSS Aggregator or RebelCode Ltd (by copying our site’s layout, design, wording, etc) is not allowed.

Guidelines for Paid Search

If you bid on keywords in any search engines or social media site like Google, Twitter, and Facebook:

  • Don’t bid to have your ad appear for terms with variations of WP RSS Aggregator’s name, such as “WP RSS Aggregator”, “WPRSS Aggregator”, “”.
  • Don’t bid to have your ad appear for WP RSS Aggregator with any additional terms, such as “WP RSS Aggregator coupons”, “WP RSS Aggregator discounts”, “WP RSS Aggregator promotions”. Broad matches are also not allowed (“[WP RSS Aggregator coupon]”).
  • Don’t use or any other WP RSS Aggregator website URL as the ad’s display URL.
  • Don’t direct link to from any paid search ads. Instead, link to a landing page that users will then click through to access

Other Notes

If you are trying to find loopholes in this agreement, it means that you’re trying to violate the spirit of our agreement, which is against the rules. If this is the case, please step away.

If we find that your promotional methods are not in keeping with these terms, we will reject commissions and terminate your affiliate account. We may notify you if this happens to let you know what we find to be in violation of our policies, however, if it’s a clear cut case, your account may be terminated without warning.

By becoming a WP RSS Aggregator affiliate, you agree that your commissions are subject to WP RSS Aggregator’s approval before being paid. This affiliate agreement is not a contract and the affiliate relationship does not represent a formal agreement. You are not an employee of WP RSS Aggregator or RebelCode Ltd. You agree not to sue RebelCode Ltd. These terms are subject to change without notice. This isn’t to put you off – we want to reward you for referring customers to WP RSS Aggregator!

Thank you for reading through the entire agreement (hopefully!). We look forward to working together 🙂