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Pedestrian Group

Discover how Pedestrian Group, Australia's leading youth publisher, leveraged Aggregator to unify their diverse content streams, enhancing user experience and solidifying their digital dominance.

Bristol Today

While Bristol Today is still in its infancy, it already started to receive traction! By combining news feed items and original content, Ross has managed to give the new project the push it needs to get started. “I’ve noticed that the site started appearing for some pretty competitive search terms very quickly compared to other web projects I’ve launched.”

Personal Finance Blogs

Personal Finance Blogs is the brainchild of Erik Tozier. He wanted to curate news from the personal finance space and share it with his audience.

Erik grew the website to over 15,000 page-views per month in just 4 months and is still growing today with a over 1,500 Twitter followers.
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Travel Blogger Community

Travel bloggers have gained a lot of popularity over the years, but it’s not always easy to gain traction or share your journey.

Travel Blogger Community uses WP RSS Aggregator to bring travel bloggers together in one place.
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Care Advertising

Being experts in digital advertising for care homes and home care, Care Advertising wanted a way for them and their clients to stay up-to-date with changes and events in their sector.

WP RSS Aggregator helped them to do just that and it fits right into their website.
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Linux Foundation Events

A collection of open source Linux-related events that are hosted by communities and organisations alike from around the world, both in-person and virtual.

“It’s quite simple and works well. Thanks for a great plugin!”
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The Broker List

The Broker List brings together real estate experts and shares various realtors’ content with their community in one central location.

Linda has been using WP RSS Aggregator to power The Broker List’s content since 2014 and it has helped her to continue growing both the website and the community around it. The plugins helped her to fully automate the blog’s content syndication process for multiple authors.
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Beyond Security

“We needed to aggregate the content for the research section so that we could easily show the intelligence behind our products.”

“We needed a way to host [this content] in different places for different purposes without having to do double the work.”
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Crypto Headlines

A cryptocurrency news aggregator that features the latest from all the top sources, Youtube videos, podcasts, and even job listings, all curated using WP RSS Aggregator.

The display uses WP RSS Aggregator’s Templates to ensure consistency throughout the website.
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Blickwinkel Kunde Podcast

The Blickwinkel Kunde (which translate’s to “Customer’s Perspective”) podcast has one aim – to help you create profitable customer relationships.

Oliver uses WP RSS Aggregator to bring in the latest podcast episodes from his free membership site to this homepage.
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World of WordPress

World of WordPress is a news aggregator that brings together the latest from the WordPress space in one neatly organised location.

The website is multilingual, ensuring that it can reach a wider audience by crediting sources that write in multiple languages. Ronald Heijnes, the founder of WoW also monetizes the website through relevant ads and recommendations (using affiliate links), ensuring that he makes a return on his investment while providing value to his readers.
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