14 Day 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee
We offer a 14-day 100% Money Back Guarantee on all premium add-ons & bundles.
Please read the information on each add-ons' page and the Notes at the bottom of this page before purchasing.

Discounted Bundles

Simple Feeds Bundle

A bundle aimed at sprucing up your feed item display through the addition of thumbnail images, excerpts, categorisation of feed sources, as well as filtering options to bring in only the items you need.

Advanced Feeds Bundle

The ideal bundle to build an entire WordPress site that pulls in full or partial posts from other sources, or if you want to add relevant content to your site,  or if you want to upgrade your simple feed item display.

Importing and Displaying as Posts

These add-ons are to be used if you would like to import (store) and display the imported feed items as WordPress Posts or as any other Custom Post Type, without using the WP RSS Aggregator shortcode.

Feed to Post

Import feed items into WordPress Posts or any other Custom Post Type of your choice, and display them anywhere that your theme allows.

Full Text RSS Feeds

Connects the Feed to Post add-on to our Premium Full Text Service to import the full content from RSS feeds that only provide excerpts.

Content Spinner Integrations

We offer two content spinner integrations for the Feed to Post add-on. Both require third-party accounts.


An integration for the WordAi content spinner.


An integration for the SpinnerChief content spinner.

Importing as Feed Items and Displaying via the Shortcode

The below add-ons are to be used if you would like to display the imported feed items as a listing using the WP RSS Aggregator shortcode. They add some cool functionality to the core plugin.

Excerpts & Thumbnails

Display thumbnail images and excerpts from your RSS feeds alongside the feed item's title to inject some life and color to your display.


Assign categories to your feed source to display a particular category or multiple categories on a post or page via shortcodes.

Filter the Content Being Imported Via Keywords, Phrases and/or Categories

Keyword Filtering

This add-on is used to filter the content being imported by keywords, phrases, or tags of your choice. It can be used with the Core plugin alone, or with any of our add-ons.

Display All Feed Items Via a WordPress Widget, Anywhere In Your Theme


Add a widget to your WordPress site to display a list of all the imported feed items. It works with the Core plugin alone, and integrates ONLY with the Excerpts & Thumbnails add-on.


  • All our premium add-ons work only on self-hosted versions of WordPress (WordPress.org) and are not compatible with the hosted version of WordPress (WordPress.com).
  • All premium add-ons require the Core WP RSS Aggregator plugin to be installed on your WordPress website. Some add-ons also require other add-ons to be installed and activated on your site.
  • All premium add-ons also require you to be using WordPress 4.0 or higher, and PHP 5.3.9 or higher.
  • The following add-ons require Feed to Post to be installed and activated on your site in order to work:
  • The following add-ons cannot be used alongside Feed to Post, unless you use the Legacy Feed Items option:
  • The following add-ons require a valid and activated license key (not expired) in order to function whatsoever:
  • License keys provide you with updates and support for a one year period. After that, the license key must be renewed in order for you to keep benefitting from any updates or support.
  • "Single Site", "Up to Five Sites" and "Up to Twenty Sites" refer to the number of WordPress sites you can activate each license key on. They do not refer to the number of feed sources you can import from. In fact, the number of feed sources per site is unlimited.
  • Pre-sales questions and support for premium add-ons are handled through our premium support channel.
  • Terms and Conditions can be found here.

These notes were formulated from various questions asked to our support team over the past few months.
They are subject to change at any time without prior notice.