Today we released a long-awaited update for our core WP RSS Aggregator plugin.

Besides bug fixes and a few enhancements, this version also sees the introduction of Composer and Phing, as well as a RegEx HTML Encodifier and the start of an integration with a custom Diagnostics plugin which will be available in the coming months.

These improvements will close off 2017 in a positive way, with more to look forward to in 2017. Here’s a look at everything that has changed:

  • Fixed bug with feed error output breaking tooltips on “Feed Sources” page.
  • Fixed bug with nonces on the “Feed Sources” page that broke some source actions.
  • Fixed problem with image cache filenames being too long.
  • Fixed problem with permalink URLs sometimes being URL-encoded.
  • Fixed problem with large logs causing OOM errors and breaking Debugging page.
  • Fixed conflict with function unparse_url().
  • Fixed bug with _getDataOrConst() not retrieving single value.
  • Fixed future incompatibility with class-feed.php for WP 4.7+.
  • Fixed conflicts with many JS scripts by only adding JS on our admin pages.
  • Fixed conflicts with some classes by loading only valid root namespace components.
  • Fixed PHP warning related to retrieving unique titles.
  • Added a per-feed-source “Link Source” option.
  • Added a per-feed-source “Feed Request User Agent” option.
  • The “Add New” button no longer appears for feed items.
  • Added “Leave a Review” notification.
  • Now using Composer!
  • Now using Phing!
  • Added RegEx HTML Encodifier.
  • Added integration with Diagnostics plugin, and tests.
  • Logs are now created in wp-content/log/wprss, and are named more descriptively.

Get the latest version here.

Published by Mark Zahra

The Team Lead and Head of Support for the WP RSS Aggregator project, which forms part of the RebelCode family.

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