How to Display Feeds in any Format and Style with the Views Plugin

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Update: The Views demos are no longer available on our website as of 2017. The Views plugin can still be purchased for use alongside WP RSS Aggregator, however, we do not provide support for this integration. Any questions about layouts with Views should be addressed to their support team.

One of the common questions we get from our users is how to display the imported feed items in different ways. It is impossible for us to cater for each different display idea that we might have, so we decided to concentrate our effort on making WP RSS Aggregator the best way to import RSS feeds, while leaving the display functionality in the hands of the themes and other plugins dedicated to creating views.

Of course, by using the shortcode, you do get a very tidy display right out of the box, as shown in the WP RSS Aggregator demo page.

However, for those who want to take things further, we recommend the Views plugin. We designed WP RSS Aggregator to integrate perfectly with Views, one of our all-time favourite plugins and part of the Toolset package.

Check out our new demo page which shows some examples that can be created when you combine WP RSS Aggregator with Views.

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Writing about WordPress and the amazing tools that power it is their passion. WP RSS Aggregator happens to be their favorite content curation and RSS aggregator plugin, so you can rest assured that they’ve put their heart and soul into this piece of content.
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