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Mark has been involved with WP RSS Aggregator for almost a decade, from running customer support to now leading RebelCode, the company behind the plugin. He has a passion for content and news, especially the concept of ethically sharing content to help each other grow.

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Top 10 WordPress News Plugins of 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking for the ideal WordPress news plugins to transform your site? Check out our ultimate guide for an engaging news experience on your website.
Top WordPress News Plugins

Welcome to the world of WordPress news plugins – digital tools that elevate your website’s functionality and user experience by dynamically presenting news content.

Thanks to its post-centric design, WordPress is a natural home for news, but the sheer number of available plugins can be daunting. 

Fortunately, our guide will delve into the key features they need to offer to add value to your site, some of the top contenders in the current market, and also answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding WordPress news plugins.

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Choosing the best news plugin for your WordPress website

Picking the right plugin for your news site enhances the user experience and boosts performance. The kind of news site you have will inform the kind of plugin you need. For example, a content collaboration plugin may be a more fitting tool if you have a news curation site instead of an original news story site. No two plugins are alike, however, and there are several factors to consider when you’re window shopping – and remember, always keep your site’s needs and potential in mind!

Factors to consider when selecting a news plugin

  • Features and functionality: Review each plugin’s features and determine how they align with your website’s needs. Look for options such as automatic content importation, customizable display settings, and keyword filtering.
  • Compatibility: To avoid conflicts, the news plugin must be compatible with your website’s theme and other plugins. Ensure the plugin receives regular updates to stay compatible with future WordPress and theme updates.
  • Customization and control: Consider how much the plugin allows you to customize its appearance and functionality. The best plugins offer control over content presentation, allowing you to maintain your website’s unique identity and align the news feed with your overall design aesthetic.
  • Pricing and plans: Compare different plugins’ pricing and plans. Choose one that fits within your budget and still offers the features you need. Remember, while free plugins are tempting, premium ones often provide better support, regular updates, and advanced features.
  • Support and documentation: Reliable customer support and comprehensive documentation are essential for any plugin. You want to ensure the plugin works as expected and help is available when needed.
  • Reviews and testimonials: User reviews and testimonials indicate the plugin’s performance and reliability. Check sources like the WordPress plugin repository or third-party review websites for genuine feedback.

Considering all these factors ensures you choose the best news plugin for your WordPress website. In this guide, we’ve tested some popular ones for you to help you choose the best solution for your specific needs.  

The top WordPress news plugins to consider for your website

Below, you’ll find our curated list of the top contenders in the world of news plugins. Selected based on an evaluation of their popularity amongst users, functional capabilities, and overall effectiveness as a tool for news curation websites, each option has its own unique features and benefits, so it’s well worth taking the time to consider which one aligns best with your site’s requirements and your business goals.

1. WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator boasts a huge array of easy-to-use features, making it a stand-out WordPress news plugin amongst the list. With over 60,000+ active installations and a 4.5 star rating on WordPress, this is one of the best products in the market to help you curate, display, and filter imported content as seamlessly as possible.

Key features include:

  • Feed to post: Enables the automatic importing and displaying of content from various sources, and maintains a constant flow of fresh news.
WP RSS Aggregator – Configure automatically imported posts.
  • Full-text RSS feeds: Gain access to and import full-text articles from sources with truncated feeds, providing complete information to your readers.
  • Templates: Customize the appearance and layout of your imported content to match your website’s design, promoting aesthetic consistency.
WP RSS Aggregator – create and customize templates for imported content.
  • Keyword filtering: Filter imported content based on specific keywords or phrases, ensuring only relevant news reaches your audience.
WP RSS Aggregator – filter imported content with keywords.
  • Compatibility: WP RSS Aggregator is compatible with various WordPress features, such as a multisite installation and various popular themes, while also including support for PHP 7 development. This guarantees smooth integration and operation.
  • Support and knowledge base: Benefit from highly-rated customer support and an extensive knowledge base to assist you every step of the way.

Pros: The plugin offers a variety of features for customizing your RSS feeds per your site’s requirements, such as templates, filtering, and categories, while also offering flexibility in displaying multimedia and multilingual content. This creates an opportunity for your news website to stand out amongst competitors and grab your audience’s attention with curated content.

Cons: The plugin facilitates importing thousands of items from numerous feed sources, which can be demanding on WordPress resources and potentially affect your website’s performance. You can leverage the plugin’s configuration options to manage feed imports by scheduling to pause or resume them as needed. You can also increase WordPress’s memory allocation to accommodate the load from importing from feeds simultaneously.

Pricing: The plugin offers four annual subscription tiers, each available for 1 site, 5 sites, or unlimited sites. Some premium features include template designs and keyword filtering (Basic), scheduled publishing and the addition of custom content (Plus), full-text RSS feed import and multimedia integration (Pro), and AI integrations and priority support (All Access). With a 100% risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try WP RSS Aggregator without any financial risk.

2. WP News and Scrolling Widgets

WP News and Scrolling Widgets’s Plugin

WP News and Scrolling Widgets offers the ability to create stylish news sliders and widgets. This WordPress news plugin supports plenty of designs and layouts, allowing you to customize your news section to meet any existing brand specifications and give your site a professional flourish.

As the free version has limited functionality, you would need to upgrade to the pro version to access more powerful features.

Key features include: 

  • Display areas: With the help of multiple shortcodes, you can display news anywhere on your site.
  • Layouts: You can choose from over 120 news layout options for news sliders, grids, and carousels.
  • Compatibility: Has compatibility with tools such as Pagination, Visual Composer Page Builder, Gutenberg block support, and more.

Pros: This plugin supports various media types and offers several news layouts and display options – which is fantastic for those who want to tailor every aspect of their news site.

Cons: As robust as WP News and Scrolling Widgets’ customization options are, some users have reported difficulty using them – and the plugin’s best features are only available after purchasing a premium plan.

Pricing: The plugin is available for free with basic functionalities to add news items to your website. It also offers options to upgrade either to an annual plan or a lifetime license. The upgraded plans offer premium features like over 120 designs, custom CSS support, compatibility with page builders, drag & drop, and more.

3. Ditty

Ditty News Plugin

Known for its flexibility, Ditty lets users create custom news tickers with text, images, and hyperlinks. Because Ditty supports shortcodes, adding news tickers, sliders, or lists anywhere on your site is a straightforward process.

However, the wide range of customization options provided by Ditty can be overwhelming for inexperienced WordPress users.

Key features include: 

  • Customized displays: Ditty is primarily a news ticker plugin, but you can seamlessly incorporate news into your site in a scrolling, ticker, list, or any other available display format.
  • Automation: Ditty tickers and carousels also automatically update to display new posts without the need to refresh the browser.
  • Social media integration: With the purchase of extensions for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, you can incorporate sharing of your social media content on your news website.

Pros: There are many ticker modes to choose from (including grids and carousels), so users can customize their display to their liking without relying on a specific page builder. It’s also possible to combine multiple content feeds and custom content in one ticker.

Cons: To unlock Ditty’s top-tier features, you’ll need to purchase the pro version of the plugin.

Pricing: The Ditty news plugin offers a free version with basic functionalities for displaying content in three display formats (slider, ticker, and list). The premium version offers three pricing tiers, and upgrading includes features like social media integrations, more customizable display options, XML data, and more.

4. Vertical News Scroller

Vertical News Scroller Plugin

Vertical News Scroller does precisely what its name suggests! This WordPress news plugin lets you display news in a vertical scrolling format and easily add, edit, and delete news items with the help of shortcodes. It’s an excellent choice for sites with limited display space, seeing as scrollers can present a lot of information in a compact area.

Unfortunately, Vertical News Scroller has fewer customization options than other plugins in our shortlist.

Key features include:

  • Display options: Display news as a vertical scroller and choose whether news is displayed with text or title only.
  • Attribution: Include custom links back to original sources.
  • Customizations: You can display any number of news items and customize the speed, height, and width.

Pros: The plugin is lightweight and incredibly easy to use – you won’t need any knowledge of PHP or HTML to reap the benefits. Plus, it’s possible to tweak the scrolling speed, pause time, and font to ensure readers get a valuable content snapshot.

Cons: Some users might find the vertical scrolling format limiting. The plugin also lacks advanced layout options.

Pricing: While the free version includes the basic features to add and display unlimited vertically scrolling news, the pro version, which is priced according to the number of sites you may require it for, unlocks advanced features such as premium shortcodes, RSS feed functionality, and news categorization.

5. Live News

Live News Plugin

Live News is a dynamic plugin designed to display real-time news updates (as well as weather warnings and sports results). Users can showcase live news bites in a ticker format – ideal for sites dedicated to breaking news or live event coverage.

If your site doesn’t need (or use) real-time updates, Live News may not be the most suitable plugin on the market.

Key features include: 

  • Real-time updates: With Live News, you can create a ticker that’ll update in real-time and even pull news from specific Twitter accounts.
  • Display options: The ticker can also be applied to all pages of your news site or designated URLs.
  • News generation: Generate news posts based on existing content, RSS feeds, or a Twitter feed.

Pros: Real-time bulletins can increase user engagement, and users get access to a wide array of customization options. All aspects of the news ticker can be tweaked, including font, color, and speed, and it’s even possible to add custom UX imagery.

Cons: Unfortunately, users have reported that the plugin doesn’t always work seamlessly with some WordPress themes.

Pricing: The free version of the plugin allows for two fixed news tickers on your news website – the ‘featured news’ and ‘sliding news’ sections. The premium version enables additional features like automatic news generation and control over the speed of the sliding news display format.

6. WP Latest Posts

WP Latest Posts News Plugin

WP Latest Posts showcases the latest posts and news updates on your WordPress news website. Whether the posts are pages, tagged content, or custom post types, it’s easy to display them as a slider – and all without coding expertise. With this plugin, you can also take your pick of various display options – like grids, sliders, and masonry layouts.

The free version of WP Latest Posts is limited, so you may need to consider upgrading to a premium plan if its advanced features would benefit your site.

Key features include:

  • Display options: Display your recent posts and pages in a news-style format (or sidebar widget). You will also have unlimited instances of the latest posts being displayed.
  • Customizations: Enjoy granular control over aspects like image source, data format, and typography options.
  • Filtering: You can filter news content by PolyLang or WPML languages.

Pros: WP Latest Posts has robust customization tools. The plugin supports various content types and is compatible with most page builders, Gutenberg, and WooCommerce.

Cons: Most advanced features, including filtering options, are only available in the premium version – which can disappoint users looking for a bargain.

Pricing: The plugin’s free version includes features like unlimited latest post instances and sliding news displays. The paid version is an annual plan that brings additional features like premium themes, more news display options, content customizations, and unlimited sidebar widgets.

7. PublishPress

PublishPress Planner Plugin

Ideal for multi-author blogs and news sites and trusted by major brands like Disney and Uber, PublishPress allows you to manage your site’s news content efficiently. Enjoy features like content calendars, notifications, and custom statuses to keep your workflow running smoothly on your WordPress news website with this plugin.

Because of this emphasis on multi-authoring and post-scheduling, PublishPress may not be ideal for small sites or single-author blogs.

Key features include: 

  • Scheduling: You can plan and schedule content for your website with a content calendar tool.
  • Auto-publishing: You’ll have access to tools that automatically publish and unpublish posts on certain dates.
  • Collaboration tools: The plugin is integrated with Slack and allows for Editorial comments under posts for streamlined collaboration between teams.

Pros: With PublishPress Blocks, you can add a Content Display block to your site and display pages, custom post types, images, and videos.

Cons: The plugin might be too feature-rich for smaller sites – or those who simply want to display news without complex content management.

Pricing: The free version of the plugin includes tools for content scheduling and management. The paid versions come in three tiers (Business, Agency, and Unlimited) based on the number of sites you may require the plugin for. It includes advanced features like adding multiple authors, task management, content grouping, and more.

8. XML Sitemap & Google News

XML Sitemap & Google News Plugin

The XML Sitemap & Google News plugin boosts your WordPress website’s search engine visibility and allows for prompt indexation of news content by simplifying the creation of sitemaps. It stands out for its simplicity and user-friendly approach and avoids complex configurations or file permissions adjustments, making this plugin a suitable choice for websites of varying sizes and needs.

Key features include:

  • Sitemap generation: The plugin has features like automatic sitemap generation for posts, pages, and custom post types.
  • Site indexing control: It has support for Google News indexing and also an option to modify robots.txt rules from WordPress.
  • Compatibility: The plugin works with multisite installations, and with the pro feature it can also include multiple post types on a single news sitemap.

Pros: Some advantages of this plugin include streamlined search engine optimization, support for multilingual sites, and compatibility with WordPress multisite.

Cons: It requires upgrading to the paid version to access features like keyword tagging. 

Pricing: The free version includes features like custom post types, XLS stylesheet, and more. Based on your site size and requirements, the free plan can be upgraded to an annually paid version that includes additional features like stock tickers, keywords and tagging, and premium support.

9. TopNewsWP

TopNewsWp News Plugin

TopNewsWP is a simple yet powerful plugin that offers a versatile set of options for displaying news on WordPress websites. It also supports internal and external news sources from various countries, broadening the scope of the content desired on your news website. The plugin is responsive for any device, customizable, and can be used as a widget as well.

Key features include:

  • Display options: It includes three customizable display layouts, such as the grid, list, and ticker.
  • External integrations: The plugin boasts integrations with external news sources from over 50 countries, widget options, etc.
  • Flexibility: Allows changing of title and news description lengths, the number of news items displayed, and is also responsive to multiple devices.

Pros: The advantages include no coding requirements for setup, making it a simple process, and supporting internal categorization for news content.

Cons: Although the overall setup is simple, the plugin does require an API from to display external news.

Pricing: The free version of this plugin is available with all the basic display features, while the upgrade (called Pro) unlocks additions such as featured news, cache mechanism, news categorization options, and more.

10. Simple News

Simple News Plugin

A straightforward and user-friendly plugin, Simple News allows you to add, manage, and display news on your WordPress website in just a few clicks. Users will have access to a clean interface and intuitive controls – making it a fantastic news plugin for WordPress newbies!

However, Simple News does lack some of the more advanced features provided by other plugins in our list.

Key features include:

  • Post organization: Simple News allows you to create news feeds, schedule news updates, and display posts by date. 
  • Display options: It also includes a widget for sidebar news and supports various post formats.

Pros: True to its name, Simple News is designed to be incredibly easy to use – starting with a straightforward installation process.

Cons: It lacks advanced customization options and may require additional CSS knowledge to tweak the appearance to your liking.

Pricing: Simple News is a free plugin!

Get started with WP RSS Aggregator today!

As we wrap up this exploration of WordPress news plugins, it’s clear that choosing the right plugin can profoundly enhance your website’s functionality, user experience, and overall performance. A top-tier news plugin can help to keep your content fresh and engaging, ultimately driving user engagement and boosting your website’s SEO.

WP RSS Aggregator sits at the top of the mountain. With its advanced features like Feed to Post, full-text RSS feeds, customizable templates, and keyword filtering, it offers unparalleled functionality. The plugin is easy to integrate, compatible with a variety of plugins, and provides access to an excellent support team who are always on hand to help.

Moreover, WP RSS Aggregator offers a 100% risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ll be able to try it out in your own time, experience its capabilities, and, if you’re not totally satisfied, your investment is secure!

Head over to the WP RSS Aggregator website for more information, pricing details, and in-depth installation instructions. Take that first step towards enhancing your website’s news presentation, and get started with WP RSS Aggregator today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I show news on my WordPress website?

The first step to displaying news on your WordPress site is to choose and install the best news plugin that suits your website’s needs and requirements from the WordPress repository. Once installation is complete, the plugin can be activated and configured to import news content and display it on the desired pages of your website.

2. Is WordPress good for news websites?

Absolutely. WordPress is one of the most convenient platforms to host your news website, offering a vast selection of news plugins that are both free and paid. This allows for significant opportunities to amplify your content and automate the news feed for your website.

3. What is the best news plugin for my WordPress website?

The best news plugin for your WordPress site depends on your specific needs and objectives.

For example, if you are looking for customization options for your news feed and imported posts, WP RSS Aggregator is a suitable choice, thanks to its flexible features.

4. How to install a news plugin to my WordPress news website?

The first step after choosing a news plugin that fits your WordPress site’s requirements is to get it installed. In the case of WP RSS Aggregator’s news plugin, the installation process will look like this:

  • Once you purchase the plugin, it will be available on your WordPress dashboard for activation, following which you can configure the plugin’s settings to add the URLs of your news feed sources.
  • After this, insert a block or a shortcode on the page where you want this feed to appear. This will allow the plugin to fetch and display the latest news posts on the selected page/area.
  • Finally, you can implement customizations from add-on features such as keyword filtering, full-text RSS feeds, etc.

5. Do news plugins have any limitations on the content type or the source from where it is imported?

News plugins vary in functionality and features that can help you achieve your news website goals.

WP RSS Aggregator’s news plugin allows importing diverse content types, such as videos, images, and text. It also allows fetching content from multiple sources and languages, catering to sites that present a multilingual feed.

6. Can I filter content imported by news plugins to avoid unwanted or unrelated content?

Yes, you can filter content based on your preferences with a news plugin, like the WP RSS Aggregator. You can choose the content to import and store by filtering them based on specific keywords in the title or content.

By setting up filters for specific keywords, phrases, or tags, WP RSS Aggregator can pull and publish content specific to the user’s needs, eliminating manual filtering through a volume of posts that would otherwise be the case for many plugins.

7. Is it possible to customize the format of the imported content through a news plugin?

Yes, republishing content with a preferred format is possible with a news plugin such as WP RSS Aggregator. Your feed sources can also be categorized to enable different groupings for the content display. Moreover, imported content can be posted to individual WordPress posts, increasing the flexibility in customizing your RSS feed.

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