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Mark Zahra

Mark has been involved with WP RSS Aggregator for almost a decade, from running customer support to now leading RebelCode, the company behind the plugin. He has a passion for content and news, especially the concept of ethically sharing content to help each other grow.

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Creating a Curated Email Newsletter for Your Business: The Ultimate Guide

Struggling with newsletter engagement? Learn to curate compelling content, simplify the process, and captivate your audience with our guide.

To some, email marketing may seem out of date – but is this really the case? To put it simply: No.

In 2023, the revenue for email marketing was estimated to reach over $10 billion, making it one of the most popular digital marketing channels in the world

Email newsletters give businesses a way to build audiences, generate leads, and cultivate authority. However, this isn’t to say there aren’t challenges. Consistently producing relevant and engaging content to captivate readers can be time-consuming and overwhelming, so what’s the solution?

Curated newsletters are a powerful way to combat this. By curating content from diverse sources, businesses can enrich their newsletters without constant original production. 

To help you learn how to do this, we’ll look at the steps you need to take to create a great curated email newsletter. 

What are curated newsletters?

Curated newsletters gather information, collecting content from diverse sources into a cohesive format tailored for a specific audience. 

The curation process involves browsing and selecting content from various sources. Curators then organize and synthesize this content, crafting a narrative that speaks directly to the interests and needs of their audience. Thanks to this process, the information is presented in a well-structured format, transforming it into a valuable resource, saving time for busy individuals seeking quality insights.

🎬 Curated newsletter in action: The Daily Skimm

The Daily Skimm homepage.

The Daily Skimm is a concise approach to news curation, with the aim to distill complex news stories into easily digestible formats. Its conversational tone and witty writing style make current events more approachable. The inclusion of actionable insights, along with a well-organized design, keeps subscribers informed without overwhelming them.

Benefits of curated newsletters 

Curated newsletters offer many benefits for both businesses and individuals:

  • They establish credibility and trust, positioning the curator as a thought leader in their domain. By consistently delivering high-quality, relevant content, curators adopt a sense of authority and expertise.
  • Curated newsletters optimize audience engagement and growth. The tailored content speaks directly to the interests of subscribers, ensuring sustained interest and interaction. This increases business visibility and maintains relevancy in the industry by staying up to date with the latest trends and insights.
  • They prove invaluable for generating relevant leads. As subscribers actively engage with curated content, businesses can identify and nurture potential leads who align with their offerings. 

🎬 Curated newsletter in action: Morning Brew

Morning Brew homepage.

Morning Brew has redefined how business news is consumed. Its daily newsletter delivers a mix of relevant and timely business updates with a touch of humor. The use of visuals and concise summaries makes it easy for readers to grasp key information quickly. The incorporation of interactive elements, such as polls and quizzes, creates a sense of community among subscribers.

Step-by-step guide to creating a curated email newsletter

We have seen that a curated email newsletter can be a powerful way to deliver valuable content directly to your audience’s inbox. Crafting an effective curated newsletter involves careful planning and execution. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you create a curated email newsletter that resonates with your audience:

Step 1: Define your newsletter’s mission and target audience

Before diving into content curation, make sure you establish a clear mission for your newsletter. This mission should align with your brand’s overall goals, providing a guiding framework for your content selection. 

Along with this, you need to understand your target audience – their needs, interests, and struggles. Tailoring curated content according to this understanding ensures relevance and resonance.

🎬 Curated newsletter with a clear target audience: The Hustle

The Hustle homepage.

When you think of the word ‘hustle,’ what comes to mind? Probably businesses and entrepreneurs – right? Well, the Hustle takes a unique approach to curating content for professionals and entrepreneurs. Known for its no-nonsense style, it delivers business and tech news with humor. The team at the Hustle know their target audience and have adapted their newsletter to fit them. Their conversational and relatable tone appeals to their demographic, making it a go-to source for those looking for an alternative to traditional business news. 

Step 2: Curate your content sources

Curating content starts by choosing high-quality, reliable sources that align with your content niche and audience. Define criteria for content selection – it should align with the newsletter mission, offer value to your audience, and contribute meaningfully to industry conversations. 

Use a variety of sources, including blogs, news websites, and social media, to provide a well-rounded perspective. WP RSS Aggregator simplifies the curation process with features like keyword filtering and source categories, allowing you to efficiently segment and select the best articles for your curated newsletter.

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Step 3: Craft your commentary

Adding a personal touch to curated content is important for enticing readers to subscribe and engage. Craft engaging commentary that provides insights, alternative viewpoints, or additional context. 

Share your perspective on the curated content, adding value for your audience. Consider including content that you may disagree with to present a balanced view and stimulate thoughtful discussions.

Step 4: Create your email newsletter

The visual structure of your curated email newsletter plays a significant role in reader engagement.

“Focusing on the user’s experience when crafting your newsletter is important for capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention.”

Gaby Abela – Product Manager, WP RSS Aggregator

Newsletter Glue, in collaboration with WP RSS Aggregator, streamlines the process by enabling an intuitive builder. By adding the WP RSS Aggregator block to Newsletter Glue’s block editor, you can display curated content in your newsletters.

Don’t underestimate the power of a catchy subject line – it can significantly impact open rates. Consider examples like “Unlock Exclusive Insights” or “This Week’s Must-Reads” to entice your audience.

Step 5: Distribute and analyze performance

Efficient newsletter distribution involves using mailing software to segment your audience and automate the delivery process. Platforms like Mailchimp or Brevo provide user-friendly interfaces and template options.

Regularly analyze newsletter performance to understand what resonates with your audience and make strategic adjustments. Implement A/B testing, analyze click-through rates (CTR), and gather customer feedback to refine your content and distribution strategy. By actively monitoring and adapting, you ensure that your curated email newsletter consistently delivers value and drives engagement.

Next steps: Grow your audience with the power of curated content 

Curated content establishes authority and credibility and becomes a potent tool for audience growth and lead generation.

Remember these steps: Define your mission, understand your target audience, curate high-quality sources, and add value through thoughtful commentary. WP RSS Aggregator can help with the content curation process with features like keyword filtering and source categories.

Ready to elevate your content game? Take the next step with WP RSS Aggregator and witness the power of curated content in action. Start building your audience, establishing authority, and nurturing leads. 

Your curated content journey begins here!

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