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Jean is the founder of WP RSS Aggregator and has a passion for content curation. However, his interest is not limited to the digital world; it extends to the holistic approach of health & fitness, the expressive world of art, the refined pleasures of gastronomy, and the enriching experiences of slow travel.

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Which Add-Ons Should You Purchase?

Choosing which add-ons to buy for WP RSS Aggregator depends very much on the functionality you need in your site. Lets take a look at some typical scenarios and the add-ons we recommend for each of these.

Simple Feed Display via Shortcode

Quite a number of people want to display a number of news items on their site.

The main add-on you need is Templates. This plugin adds the ability to display images and short excerpts in your feed template. With this template, you will still be using the shortcode or block to put feed items on a page or post, same as with the core plugin.

If you want to filter which items are imported, the Keyword Filtering add-on in combination with Excerpts and Thumbnails is recommended. With Keyword Filtering, you can decide which feed items are imported by entering keywords or keyphrases. You can also choose to import items from a certain category.

One final add-on that can be useful for this scenario is Categories. What this add-on allows you to do is to assign complete feed sources to categories. That way you can then display feed items from a particular category on a given post or page (via a shortcode parameter). Thus you can have one page displaying feeds from the ‘Entertainment’ category (or any category you create) and another displaying feeds from the ‘Sports’ category.

That’s quite a lot of flexibility right there with these few plugins, and you can get them all together with the simple bundle.

Get the Basic Plan

Advanced Feed Imports and Building Complete Sites Based on Feeds

The Feed to Post add-on is our most flexible and powerful extension to WP RSS Aggregator. Couple that with the Keyword Filtering add-on and the Full Text RSS Feeds add-on and you’ve got the ultimate combination together with the core plugin.

This combination is ideal for those who want to build a site based on feeds, or who want to do something creative with feeds that the Simple Feeds Bundle does not enable them to. There are loads of use cases that would benefit from Feed to Post and Keyword Filtering, so we combined them both in the Advanced Feeds Bundle, our most popular bundle.

Get the Pro Plan

Multisite Considerations: If you’re managing a WordPress Multisite network or considering transitioning to one, it’s important to ensure compatibility with any add-ons you choose. Some add-ons are specifically tailored for multisite environments. Investigate the available multisite plugins to ensure seamless functionality across your network.

Got a Question?

We’re here to help! Send us a message via our support form and one of our support staff will help guide you to the add-ons or bundles that you need.

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56 Responses

    1. It depends on how many people will be using the Multisite. If it will be only one person administering the whole multisite then you only need a license for one site.

  1. I am interested in your RSS aggregator but not still sure which option suits my situation. I want to have about 3 different WordPress websites (meaning 3 different domain names). Can I use one user licence for the three websites since I am the only one updating the site? Very urgent please

  2. Hello,
    i need to get feeds from a drupal website to a wordpress. Is that possible, will i need Feed to Post also?



  3. I want to have a unique thumbnail alongside each feed.

    Is this doable? I don’t care about the thumbnails that get pulled in from the actual feed, I want to set a thumbnail I create to show up alongside each individual feed, if that makes sense.

      1. Hi, I have the same question, I would like to purchase a couple of add ons but would just like to know if custom thumbnails are doable first

  4. Hi Jean, great plugin. One question before I purchase the Advanced Feeds Bundle.

    If the keyword “Macbook” is used, does that mean: 1. The web is searched for headlines/content containing that keyword…or 2. Only manually-selected websites are searched for headlines/content containing the keyword?

    Thanks for your reply.

  5. Hi,

    I have couple questions before I purchase ”Advanced Feeds Bundle”.

    1st of all, do I get Money Back Guarantee for at least 14 days after purchase in the case your plugin doesn’t meet my expectations? I know I can try out your demo ” I already did ” but you know, I kind of need to test all of the described features of ”Advanced Feeds Bundle” which I cannot test on your demo site.

    2nd of all, if I purchase a single licence… can I upgrade to 5 sites licence later by paying just the difference between single site licence and 5 sites licence ?

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Lukas, thanks for your interest in our plugins! The answer to both of your questions is ‘yes’. Looking forward to welcoming you aboard.

  6. I submitted a question in the ticket, however it might be quicker to get answer here.

    My site is a news magazine for a region and I want to be able to populate specific categories and sub categories with different posts imported by rss from feed providers. (full article and not just the excerpts)
    Also, i like to have images / featured image or video show on the post as well.

    Another question is that i am currently using a plugin that limits access by authors to specific categories. Will the add on have any conflict with my plugin?

    If this is possible using your product, which add on should i purchase.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi James, you would be best served by the Advanced Feeds Bundle for your particular setup. While we haven’t tested our plugins with a plugin that limits access in the way you mentioned, I don’t think there should be any particular problems in getting everything working.

  7. Hi Jean,

    Maybe a noob question:

    Is it possible to get the whole article feeded on my website?

    So when i click on “read more”, or on the featured image, i dont get to the linked site, but to my own site where the complete article will be shown.

    Another question:

    I have 1 wp site, but want 33 other sites (looking exactly the same, having exactly the same content) also having the ability to use the wp rss aggregator.

    Do i need 1 license or 33 licenses?

    Thanks in advance..

    1. Yes that’s possible John, we have the Full Text RSS add-on which handles that.

      I’m not sure why you want 33 identical sites, however if they’re on WordPress multisite you’ll need one license. If they are all independent websites with separate installations of WP then you’ll need 33 licenses.

  8. Does your 1 Site License include widcards like subdomain1.site.com and subdomain2.site.com

      1. The extension can work on multisite with a 1 site license, however if your subdomains are totally separate WordPress installations that you have to buy a 5 site license or higher.

    1. Hi leo, sorry for the long wait! Using a featured image inside a single post is something that needs to be supported by your theme. Once the posts are imported using Feed to Post, the way they are displayed is completely dependant on your theme.

  9. Hi Jean. The link to the fitforblogging news page is broken. Is there a sample or demo of that page anywhere else? Thanks in advance.

  10. I need add on which show entire rss feed on my blog. It should not redirect to the original source. Which Add on i should install for it?

    1. Hi Rushikesh, in that case I’d suggest using Feed to Post since you want the posts from the RSS feed imported onto your site, rather than re-directing to the original source. You can also opt for Full Text RSS Feeds or the Advanced Feeds Bundle for the added functionality.

  11. hi, I want to collect image and a few lines of content from different RSS sources. The I want to publish a new post every 24h with the picture and few sentences but just the content of the last 24h. Is that somehow possible?

    1. Hi there, I’m not sure I understood what you’d like to publish in the post every 24 hours. Can you please contact us via a pre-sales support ticket so we can discuss your ideas further and see which add-ons need to be implemented and how?


    1. Hi Steve, the look of the site will be completely dependant on the theme you use, however even the free core plugin along will allow you to achieve a list of feed items similar to that of AllTop, linking to their original source.

  12. Nice looking plugin. I want to create a news post section separate from my regular posts so I plan on creating two pages for posts A news post and my blog posts. I’ll use categories to do so.

    I would like to purchase the Advanced Feeds Bundle to do this and have the feeds take advantage of my theme but I have one concern. I have Jetpack Subscriptions turned on and I don’t want each feed “post” going to my subscribers. Is there a way to prevent the posts that the Feed To Post creates from going out to my subscribers?

    1. Hi TK, that’s great to hear! The Advanced Feeds Bundle should work great for this, and you can even test it out using our free demo site.

      With regards to the Jetpack Subscriptions, I’m not sure whether Jetpack itself allows you to select which posts get included and which don’t. It would be best to ask their support staff and get back in touch with us through a pre-sales support ticket to discuss it further.

      1. Thanks Mark. I’m not aware of a way to do that through Jetpack but I’ll do some further research and get back to you all.

  13. I am not sure how this plug-in WP RSS Aggregator differ from WP Robot. Right now I am using WP Robot that also has RSS feed capability. Can somebody tell What are advantages abandoning WP Robot in lieu of WP RSS Aggregator?

    1. Hi Ed,

      Sorry for keeping you waiting. Feel free to get in touch with us by opening a pre-sales ticket and letting us know what you’d need WP RSS Aggregator for, and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!

      I’m sure you’ll like what you see 🙂

  14. Hello please support me

    i have buy 5 license

    2 addons

    feed post and keyword filtering

    we need to put the link in the title of the source directly into the timeline of the items without opening the post.

    How can we help us please let

  15. Hi, I installed WP RSS Aggregator, WP RSS Aggregator, WP RSS Aggregator – Excerpts and Thumbnails, WP RSS Aggregator – Widget and now – the latest – WP RSS Aggregator – Full Text RSS Feeds. Activating is not possible. If I try, I read this: The WP RSS Aggregator – Full Text RSS add-on requires the WP RSS Aggregator – Feed to Post plugin to be installed and activated, at version 2.9.4 or higher. So, please help me, what am I doing wrong? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Knut,

      As that message explains, you need the Feed to Post add-on to use the Full Text RSS Feeds add-on. As the add-ons’ page states, “this add-on works in conjunction with the Feed to Post add-on”.

      For any further assistance I suggest opening a premium support ticket here:



      Mark Zahra

  16. I was wondering if you can create several blog posts in your own wordpress blog. then link to those posts and have them listed in the RSS feed. I’ve been trying to do this with the basic version and it wants to go to the post first then you have to click the like.
    I was to be able to add my own content into posts and show those in my RSS feed as links straight to the article sourced. Instead of having to click into the blog post then click the link.
    is there an extension for that?

    1. Hi Lindsay, I’m not 100% sure about your requirements, but I’ll give it a shot.

      If you are looking to import posts from other sources into your site, you can do this using the Feed to Post add-on.

      If you want to add content to said posts before they are published, you can use the Append/Prepend to content feature offered with Feed to Post.

      Lastly, to have the post titles link directly to the original source without opening on your site first, you can use this filter.

  17. I want to ask if there is a plugin that save to the database the rss feeds and (if possible) then to show from the database.
    Also I want to show title (without link) and description of each rss.

    1. Hey dimis, do you mean save the feed items in each RSS feed as a post in your database? If so, then Feed to Post is the add-on for you.

      Displaying the imported posts is then completely dependant on your theme or page builder plugin.

      You can contact our support team with a Pre-Sales question for more information.

  18. hi,
    need you help
    I want to buy your plugin but not sure what add i need
    I have 3 sites and i want to post automatic FULL rss articles from other sites
    So, i have to buy ONLY “Feed to Post – Up to Five Sites – $139.00”?
    Or is necessary additional to buy and “Full Text RSS Feeds Up to Five Sites – $129.00”?

    1. Hi Dana,

      This depends on the RSS Feeds you’ll be using. If they provide the full content within the feed, then Feed to Post will do the job. However, if they only provide excerpts, then yes, you will also need the Full Text RSS Feeds add-on.

      If you need any further help please do contact us on the link below:


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